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When planning to build a house or renovate, owners often have an idea of what their home will look like. When it comes to roofing, metal coatings are gaining more and more popularity. People appreciate metal roofs for their modern appearance and the many advantages this type of coating has. Monarchy Roofing company provides metal roofing Mississauga installation services. And many years of experience in this area guarantee the high quality of completed projects.

Latest Metal Roofing Mississauga Projects

Metal Roof Installation

At first glance, the installation of steel sheets resembles picking up a designer. But if you look in more detail, then you will immediately realize that this is a complex process consisting of several stages responsible for the quality of the entire roof. If installed incorrectly, the metal roof may leak or be noisy during rain. So if you want everything to be performed at a high level, you should turn to professionals.

Monarchy Roofing Services

Our company provides a full range of services related to metal roofs. We are also engaged in the installation of metal cheats on walls. Call us or write an email and our specialists will answer all your questions about these types of work. For more detailed planning of upcoming work, our manager will come to you and discuss all the options.

Residential Metal Roofing in Mississauga

In recent years, residential houses with metal roofs have become increasingly popular. This type of roof looks modern, and the flexibility of the design allows the roof to be made of any shape and color. The advantages of a metal roof do not end with giving your house an exclusive look, such a roof has many positive effects and can last you for many years without the need for repairs. To obtain such a result, you must entrust the installation to professionals and Monarchy Roofing company will be happy to help you with this. We provide metal roofing in Mississauga and throughout the all Toronto area.

Facts About Metal Roofing

Energy Efficiency

One of the important advantages of metal roofs is energy efficiency. As soon as direct sunlight ceases to fall on it in the hot summer period, it quickly starts to cool, unlike asphalt and ceramic coatings and will reduce the cost of using an air conditioner. In winter, it also retains the warmth of your home, thanks to a high-quality insulating layer, which allows you to keep the heat inside the house.


Metal roofs are safe for the environment and your health. This is because the materials from which this type of coating is performed do not contain harmful substances. This statement is confirmed by the fact that, if necessary, steel sheets can be 100 percent recycled, but this only happens if the building is demolished, because metal roofs have a long service life.


Metal is a very durable material from which many things are made in our world, including roofs. The metal roof combines the qualities of strength and lightness in comparison with other types of coatings. It is resistant to fire, which will protect against an external fire, and the size and method of fastening metal sheets will protect your roof from damage due to strong winds.


The steel sheets from which the metal roof is formed have a long service life due to the natural properties of the metal. With proper handling and maintenance, the roof will last you more than 50 years and other types of coatings cannot be compared with a metal roof. This is a great way to invest in your home, thereby increasing its market value.


Mississauga Metal Roofing Benefits For Homeowner

Metal roofing is a system of roofing that is made from tiles or metal pieces characterized by its impermeability, high resistance, and longevity.

Metal roofing is integral to both residential and commercial buildings, bringing water tightness, comfort, and safety to the users and inhabitants of the building and…

Why People Hire A Mississauga Metal Roofing Contractor

Metal roofing was once primarily used for commercial building projects, but now metal roofing is increasingly common for residential building projects, including single-family homes and multi-story apartment complexes. This increased patronage is not without reason. Metal roofing products are durable, promote longevity of projects, offer…

Tile Sheet Roof

For many years, roof tiles have been one of the most popular house coatings, whether made of clay or concrete. Since progress does not stand still, these materials are gradually being replaced by tiles made of different types of metal.

This is because the properties of metal have much greater positive qualities. First of all, metal shingles are much lighter than their other competitors. This contributes to an easier way to transport and install the roof. Also, the lighter weight of the roof creates less pressure on the structure of the house.

Before changing the roof covering, it is usually necessary to completely remove the old covering, but in the case of metal roofs, it is possible to avoid this. The lighter weight of the metal roof allows you to install it over the old roofing. This feature can save a significant amount on dismantling the old roof without compromising the quality of the new roofing.

Standing Seam Roof

Nowadays, the modern practical style is gaining more and more popularity, and this even affects the appearance of houses. Standing seam metal roofs have long been popular only for commercial buildings because of their unusual appearance. Now it is one of the most developing types of roofing.

Standing seam metal roofs are made of solid panels connected by a high vertical seam. This installation allows for maximum roof integrity without the need for anchor holes. This has a positive effect on the resistance of such roofs to precipitation and strong winds, creating an all-metal barrier over your house.

Due to the unusual way of installing the roof, it is more difficult to find specialists who can properly install a standing seam metal roof. For its installation, special crimping equipment and extensive experience of workers are required, as well as the availability of high-quality material. For many years Monarchy Roofing company has been the representative of the largest European manufacturer ROOKY, therefore our roofs are of high quality, both in material and in installation.

Because of their shape, standing seam metal roofs are also great for mounting solar panels. It will be a great addition for those who care about the environment and prefer to use environmentally friendly electricity.

Profiled Sheet Roof

Corrugated metal roofs are among the first to be used for roofing. In particular, they were used in commercial and agricultural buildings. In such a coating, first of all, its quality and durability are valued.

Such roofs have been performing well for many years. The metal does not fade in the sun as well as it is resistant to weather conditions such as snow, rain, or strong wind. Another plus in the direction of corrugated metal roofs can be their fire resistance, which is of no small importance in the industrial sector.

It is also worth it because when building an industrial building, the cost of construction will be an important factor. In this aspect, corrugated metal roofs differ significantly from other types of metal roofs. For example, the price of corrugated metal roofs is almost always two times cheaper than a standing seam metal roof, but practically not inferior to it in strength and reliability.

Due to their natural properties, metal roofs also affect the value of a home. Such a roof can last for many years without significant repairs, which purchases a building with a metal roof preferable to asphalt or ceramic one.

Tile sheet metal profile
Standing seam profile
Metal profiled sheet

Metal Roofing Mississauga Reviews

I want to say thanks to the specialists of Monarchy Roofing for the installation of a steel roof in our locksmith’s shop. A significant amount of metal sheets were mounted in a week, which was pleasantly pleased! In the past, roof leaks were often worried, which interfered with work during precipitation and damaged equipment, but now everything is fine! In my opinion, you are a company that’s doing the best metal roofing in Mississauga.

Metal Roofing Mississauga Reviews

Monarchy Roofing has established itself as a responsible contractor with qualified staff. All work and possible difficulties were agreed in advance. The estimate was drawn up quickly and accurately, all work was completed earlier than the agreed deadline, which was very pleased. I have no complaints about the quality of the work done, the metal roof looks good.

Metal Roofing Mississauga Reviews

I want to express my gratitude to Gennadiy and his entire team for the work done. A month ago, I ordered the installation of a steel roof for my house and have never regretted it. The guys did a very cool job even ahead of schedule. From the first day, it was noticeable about the colossal experience in the construction of metal roofs, which indicates professionalism and skill. Thanks again and good luck!

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