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We Provide Distribution and Installation of the Industries Best Metal Roofing in Toronto

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Canada’s Custom Metal Roofing Specialists

Metal roofs are gaining popularity in Canada. Practicality, durability and modern look, attract more and more house owners. Applying roofs with different types of metal is common for both commercial enterprises and for residential buildings with home additions. Having number of advantages in comparison with asphalt roofs, metal shingles established as new generation roofs.

Installation is complicated process and it should be done by experienced professionals. Monarchy Roofing installers can help you with any type of metal roofing in Toronto and nearby cities. We carry of individual approach to each client and working with any complexity projects providing excellent results. Our warranty is based on our quality work and best European materials.

custom metal roofing

Build Your New Roof With Monarchy Roofing

We offer a wide range of metal roofs that can improve the look and value of your home. We are very strict about deadlines and quality, therefore the client is guaranteed a high result in clearly agreed terms. Entrust steel roof Toronto installation to top-level professionals.

custom metal roofing

Incredible Styles To Match Your Home

Monarch Roofing offers metal roofing Toronto in a multitude of styles and colors. We provide the services of professionals with many years of experience and numerous positive reviews. Our team can realize the unique style of any complexity of your home.

custom metal roofing

Incredible Strength

Steel is reliable and long lasting roofing material which will last decades. Our metal roofs can withstand just about any weather related condition. Forget about reroofing and save about 40% in energy costs. Ask for seasonal discounts during the winter.

Pros Installing Steel Roof

The metal roof has a very long service life. On average it serves 50 years, depending on the metal selected and environmental conditions. Such a long period is due to natural properties of our fabrication materials.

One of the distinguishing features is refractoriness, and do not forget that the metal roof can’t be damaged by insects and rot. Metal is not permeable to water, which is important in rainy and snowy Ontario regions.

Another considerable property is the reflection of sunlight, which will save your home from overheating during the summer and save on air conditioner usage.

While the insulating layer of the material that is installed under the metal will retain heat in the winter. It is also very important that metal roof installation is much faster than any other material.

Cons of Steel Roofs in Toronto

Although metal roofs have many advantages, there are also few disadvantages. The most important of which is considerable upfront price.

It is slightly higher than other materials. But don’t forget that the service life of such roof is much higher and you don’t need take care of seasonal repairs, which save you money.

As a result, if you do not plan to live in this house for a long time or profitably sell real estate, metal roofing may not be a great option.

Another important disadvantage is the possibility of small dents. Just like your car can get deformation in a collision, so the roof can be deformed if something heavy falls on it.


Metal tiles roofing is very common for residential houses. Their appearance is similar to ceramic tiles and most home owners get surprised when you find out that roof is made from metal.

Metal tile is lighter and energy-saving material. An addition to this, metal tile sheets are much stronger than conventional materials and will last you much longer.


Nowadays there is a huge selection of varieties of metal sheets. They differ in their shape allowing you to choose a pattern that suits your home.

Sheets can be produced from superior type of metal which gives you possibility to use it in difficult projects. Monarchy Roofing can help build house of your dreams.


Metal sidings have the lowest operation costs. Professional installations don’t take a lot of time and our materials will look like new for many years.

Don’t forget that sheets can be created in different styles types and a wide range of colors. Metal siding will create a modern look and emphasize the uniqueness of your home.


As in any work, the installation of Toronto metal roofing is not only the fastening of sheets. It can’t be done without number of components. They are necessary to provide insulation, flowing water after rain and much more.

Varieties of accessories will give your home a unique style and help to perform work with the most unpredictable design decisions.

Custom Metal Tile Roofing Is What We Do Best

The team at Monarchy Roofing can guarantee that we will always treat you, our customer, with the best possible service.

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We Love Our Customers

We are nothing without our customers, that's why you come first.

Attention to Detail

Our experts will make sure your metal roof installation looks great.

Products Built to Last

We gaurantee that your new metal roof will be able to handle the toughest tests.


Materials Used In Metal Roofing

When considering metal roofing, there are varieties of materials to choose from and each material has its distinctive features. These materials include steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, and seldomly tin. Choosing these materials to depend on many factors because all these materials have distinctive features and some have advantages over…

Best Season For Metal Roofing

Metal roofing like any other construction has different working periods. Canada experiences a range of hot, freezing, and humid weather conditions throughout the year. This makes choosing the best time for the installation of a new roof an important consideration, especially when you choose metal materials.

How Metal Roofing Prevent Condensation

Have you noticed any of the following in your building; your bathroom vent is dripping, leaks getting worse as the temperature in the building drops, water stains on your ceiling and after re-shingling your roof, you discover a leak in the roof shortly? Then, you probably have a roof condensation…

Cost of Metal Roof In Toronto Guide For Average Home

The average Toronto metal roofing cost between $6.50 – $16.00 per square foot of the roof. Such a big difference arises from the choice of material, coating, and experience of the workers installing the metal roof. For this guide, we will take an average roof size of 2000 square feet…

How To Know When It’s Time For Your Metal Roof Inspection

If you are considering installing a new roof or re-roofing your home, you should bear in mind that the cost of the roofing material correlates directly with the longevity of the roof. Also, bear in mind that weather conditions will also make a great impact on the life span of the roof as much as the…

The Main Differences Of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has many installation methods that have additional properties. If the priority is maximum quality and durability, then standing seam metal roof panels should be considered. The main feature of standing seam metal roofing panels is the absence of open joints through which they can wear out over time…

Steps For Planning The Right Metal Roof

Metal roofing is perhaps the most attractive and functional choice of roofing for commercial and residential applications today. It is cheaper to maintain, lighter, and more durable than other roofing materials. Metal roofing is available in a wide range of colors, materials, designs, and styles. Metal roofing refers to…

Metal Roofing Insurance Discount

The fact that a new roof is less likely to have a leak or suffer from other damage because it is new makes is eligible for discounts. On the off chance that your new rooftop is steel, that would be preferable because you might be qualified for discounts whether the rooftop is new or not.

We Are the Official Distributor of RUUKKI in Canada.

All Our Premium Metal Roofing Are Made of High Quality Steel Manufactured by SSAB in Finland.

Performing work, our company focuses on two important things. The first is the highest quality materials that we supply from well-known European manufacturers. And the second, but no less important, is our professional workers with great experience in metal roofing. This ensures that we guarantee our customers the quality of our work for 50 years.

Each home owner appreciates his personal time and we as professionals in steel roofs Toronto installation pay attention to try and complete work as soon as possible. Our employees’ experience allows us to cover roofs without compromising quality, helping our customers enjoy their new home as soon as possible.

If you require any additional information, you can call us for advice. For a more detailed discussion we suggest making an appointment at house location. Our professionals will come and answer all necessary questions about steel roofing Toronto and explain about upcoming work processes for your home. After that, we can draft up contract and set date to start installation.

None of the roof coatings can be compared with metal roofs in terms of lifespan. This is due to the resistance of metal to natural hurts and helps the house to maintain fresh look for many years. You have no longer to think about cost of repairs after wet autumn and snowy winters.


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