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Commercial metal roofing

It will not be a surprise that metal roofs are gaining more and more popularity for commercial buildings because of their reliability and durability. Installation of this type of roof is a laborious process that requires certain experience and skills. Monarchy Roofing company provides steel sheet installation services in Toronto and nearby cities.

High-quality work with an individual approach to each project is what our customers value. Services include metal roofs, sidings and other, which will give your home a modern style for many years with a high level of practicality. We also supply metal sheets and accessories made by well-known European manufacturers.

Commercial metal roofers

Long Warranty of Metal Roofing

Each client appreciates the quality of work and materials used to build the house. Monarchy roofing company responsibly approaches its duties to the customer, because our team of workers performs everything at the highest level.

We also use only the best materials that are delivered from Europe from the largest manufacturers. As proof of this, we provide long warranties that are 50 years. None of the other types of roof coverings can guarantee you such a long service life.

Commercial metal roof installation

Areas We Serve

Monarchy Roofing is engaged in commercial metal roofing not only in Toronto and Mississauga. We also install roofs in other cities such as Brampton, Oakville, Burlington and other cities in Ontario.

All you need to do in order to find out more information about our services is to call us or send an email. Our managers will contact you and will be happy to answer all the questions important to you. With the opportunity to further arrange a meeting and a more detailed analysis of the upcoming work.

Commercial Steel Roofing Installation Time

Installation of metal roofs is a very complex process and only professionals need to trust such work. The quality of the roof and how long it lasts for you depend on it. Installation time differs from other types of coating and depends on various factors. For example, for a small house, subject to good weather, it can take from several days to a week.

If the dimensions of the building are large and there are some design difficulties, it may take longer. The time frame is negotiated separately for each project, after the arrival of our employee, and the clarification of the volume of all necessary work. The vast experience of our employees allows us to install metal roofing for commercial buildings in the shortest possible time taking care of the quality and work done.

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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing


No Maintenance

Metal roofs do not need to be repaired every season and this feature plays an important part in saving costs. This is due to the fact that metal is a very durable material and if unforeseen incidents such as natural disasters or accidents did not happen, then it will serve you for many years remaining as new.


For industrial metal roofing, the long life of the used materials is very important. None of the other types of coatings can boast such a long service life as metal. Based on this, if you need quality for many years, then it is certainly worth thinking about a metal roof.

Return on Investment             

Building or renovation is always an expensive process. It is very important that the money invested can pay off with a possible sale of real estate. Metal roofs can help a lot with raising the price of your home based on its reliability, long lifeline and excellent appearance, which will provide the return of investment.

Environmentally Friendly

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a house for living or commercial, it is comfortable that being inside this building does not bring harm. Materials that our company using in metal roofing are environmentally friendly and safe for humans. Also, if you care about ethology, then the nice thing is that they are 100% recyclable.


Finding Experienced Company

Metal roofs have a lot of advantages, in comparison with other types. But their installation requires professionalism, otherwise, all the advantages may be lost. Monarchy Roofing company with many years of experience in this field will be happy to assist you in providing quality commercial metal roofing services.

More Upfront Costs

Compared to other types of roof coverings, metal ones have a higher initial cost. But do not forget that you will not spend money on minor repairs every few years and the lifeline of such a roof is much longer. As a result, it turns out that over time, a metal roof will cost you less.

Relatively New on the Market

Before choosing a product, people tend to know the opinions of those who have already done this. And since metal roofs are a fairly new type of coating, then there can not be as many reviews as for asphalt ones. But over the years that metal sheets exist, they have proven themselves to be a modern solution in roofing.

Can be Dented

Of course, metal sheets are much stronger than their competitors in roofing – roof tiles and asphalt pavements. But still, they can be dented, under the influence of tremendous force, for example, it can be a fallen tree. But in this case, you do not have to change the entire roof, but only those sheets that have been damaged.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Metal Roofing: Everything You Need to Know

Long service life is the hallmark of every metal roof. Commercial metal roofing systems can last over 60 years. This feature of the coating is due to the quality of the materials used. Most companies give a guarantee for metal roofs for up to 50 years.

An important factor in the service life of a metal roof is the correct and high-quality installation. Choose only specialized companies for the installation of a metal roof. Monarchy Roofing has been installing metal roofs of any complexity for over 15 years and we guarantee the quality and durability of the roofing systems.

The most common metals used in commercial metal roofing are galvanized steel and aluminum. This is due to the value of money. The roofs of commercial buildings are much larger than those of private houses, especially when it comes to warehouses and large enterprises.

Steel and aluminum roofs have many advantages over other types of roofing. They are strong, durable, and rarely need maintenance. Aluminum roofs do not rust due to the natural properties of the metal. Steel roofs are covered with a special layer of zinc and polymers that perform this protective function.

Metal roofs can be installed on roofs at a wide range of angles but are not recommended for installation on flat roofs. This is due to the method of installation and the structure of the coating. The minimum slope for metal roof installation must be 5 degrees.

The metal roof will lose its properties and will not be able to perform protective functions on a flat surface with high quality. If you still wish to install metal roofing on the slop roof, you should consider artificially creating a minimum roof slope.

Thermal expansion of metals is a physical process. The metal expands at high temperatures and contracts at low temperatures. Knowing this factor is very important when installing commercial metal roofs because of their size. Experienced metal roof installation companies consider thermal expansion affect when installing a metal roof.

The metal can be damaged at the attachment points during expansion. This will create holes in the roof, which will violate its integrity and contribute to the appearance of corrosion. It is necessary to have it installed by a professional company that guarantees the quality and durability of the roof so that the thermal expansion effect does not affect the lifespan of the metal roof.

The protection of the roof from hail is determined by many factors. These include the angle of the roof, the size of the hailstones, the thickness of the metal, the wind speed, and so on. Based on this, there are 4 classes of metal roofs in terms of protection from this type of precipitation.

Monarchy Roofing uses only high-quality materials from Europe in the installation of commercial metal roofs. This allows us to provide maximum protection against hail and wind for all our customers. Fill out the form and get a free estimate where you can learn more about the materials used by our company.

Commercial metal roofing can use many types of insulating coating. It can be spray foam, rigid board, batt and blanket, foil bubble, and other types of insulation. The main criterion for choosing an insulating layer is the type of building and its intended purpose.

There are times when in commercial buildings there is no need for an insulating layer. These include open warehouses with canopies, gazebos, and other structures in which there is no need for precise temperature control. The absence of an insulating layer reduces the cost of building a roof but does not protect the building from temperature changes and rain noise.

Class A roofing system means that this type of roofing has the highest level of fire resistance. This class of fire resistance applies to all types of metal roofs. This is because the metal has a very high melting point, which does not reach under normal conditions.

Having high fire resistance allows you to gain additional benefits. Commercial buildings with metal roofs have a reduced fire insurance cost. Also, the presence of a metal roof significantly affects the cost of the building when selling.

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Protect Your Business with Our High-Quality Metal Roofing Solutions

If you have to build a building for industrial purposes, selection the right roofing options becomes a very important aspect of the planning and budgeting stage.Metal roofing is very suitable for you in this case. Contact us to discuss your commercial metal roofing projects and we will be sure to find the right solution for you.

Enhance Your Property’s Value with Our Customizable Commercial Metal Roofing

If you’re looking to raise the value of your property, it’s time to invest in metal roofing. This type of roofing is very versatile, and reliable. With it, you’ll always feel confident about the future. And the value of the commercial building will increase significantly in value. Our commercial metal roofing contractors would be happy to discuss your project and show you how commercial metal roof installation can benefit you.

Invest in Long-Term Savings with Our Energy-Efficient Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Our metal roofing systems are a significant contribution to the function of your commercial building. Thanks to it you will be confident in the reliability of the roof and you can raise the value of the building.

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My brother was satisfied with the metal roofing they installed, and recommended me to make a renovation in my house as well. I was not disappointed at all! Very professional service! Thank you for the high quality work and the best specialists in the area.
Hayden Green
Monarchy Roofing is the best company for the solution of metal roof installation. Great professionals and metal roofing specialists. Thank you for the productive cooperation. Highly recommending them!
Blake King
These are the best steel roofing suppliers in our town. After the check-up, I was happy to find out the high-quality of their product! Amazing service!
Demarcus Downs
Thanks to this residential metal roofing company. We were building a new home and needed a professional metal roofing company to come on a very short notice to waterproof the roof and protect the plywood as the weather was getting bad. Kevin responded very quickly and sent the crew to install waterproofing membrane on our roof before the storm. Few days later guys came back and install the metal roof. My new house is now protected and I am ready to start the work inside. Was surprised by the speed and quality of the works done with metal roof and productive cooperation. Thanks!!
Cedric Cantrell
Good metal roofing services were hard to find in my area. A colleague have recommending this company and they have helped us very fast with a steel roofing installation. Next, I am going to order their service again for my parent’s house. Thank you!
Daniel Shaw
I have ordered the service from this Metal roofing company and have been very satisfied with the job of real professional that work there. The roof was installed as per schedule and looks amazing
Sam Barker
We got several quotes for a metal rof installation. after meeting with Kevin and visiting their show room its was clear that they offer the best value with high quality product and fair price. the job was done on time and we are very satisfied with the work and the whole experience with the company. Highly recommend.
Volodymyr Senyuk
We had a roofing service for our cottage houses - the main house and the guest house. The work was done quickly and efficiently, the roofs are very nice. I highly recommend this company and I am just worried that we don't have any more houses that require their service))
Natasha Suvorova
We checked with few companies for metal roofing, and found Monarchy to be the best choice for quality., Monarchy was also the best for price and clarity. Monarchy has a great quoting system. We filled in our address on their website, and Manager Kevin emailed us an itemized exact quote, with drawings & measurements of our roof informed by satellite data. Kevin visited in person and answered all our questions. Even after the visit I had few more questions and he answered patiently & satisfactorily. Kevin is approachable, responsive, knowledgeable & efficient. The install happened sooner than estimated, and finished as mentioned. The installers Vadim & his team were very hardworking, conscientious, polite & skilled and detailed their work beautifully. They also took care of adding mesh for squirrel protection and caulking where required. They cleaned everything on site. we would strongly recommend Monarchy Metal Roofing. We are very happy with our New Metal Roof Monarchy's response & resolution, as they provided a 10yr warranty on Installation & 30yrs warranty on the Metal roof material.
Manju Chheda
We did a lot of research on metal roofing, and found Monarchy to be the best choice for quality. When we got quotes from 4 companies, Monarchy was also the best for price and clarity. Monarchy has a great quoting system. We filled in our address on their website, and manager Kevin emailed us an itemized exact quote, with drawings & measurements of our roof informed by satellite data. In his subsequent site visit, Kevin verified the numbers in the quote (which were correct) and answered all our questions. Kevin is approachable, responsive, knowledgeable & efficient. The install happened sooner than estimated, and finished earlier than scheduled. The installers were very conscientious, polite, skilled & hardworking, and detailed their work beautifully. They also took down & hauled away our expired satellite dish at no charge. The final look is even better than expected! If any problems arise with the new roof, this review will be updated to reflect Monarchy's response & resolution, as they provided a 10yr warranty on labour & 50yr manufacturer warranty on the materials & coating we chose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial metal roofing offers several benefits for businesses. It is highly durable, long-lasting, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Metal roofs are resistant to fire, pests, and rot, providing reliable protection for commercial properties. They are also energy-efficient, can help reduce cooling costs, and are environmentally friendly due to their recyclability.

A well-maintained commercial metal roof can last 40 to 70 years, depending on factors such as the type of metal used and the quality of installation. Metal roofs have a longer lifespan compared to many other roofing materials, making them a cost-effective choice for commercial buildings.

Yes, commercial metal roofs can be installed on both sloped and flat roofs. There are various metal roofing systems designed specifically for flat or low-slope roofs, such as standing seam or membrane roofing. It's important to work with a professional roofing contractor who specializes in commercial metal roofing to determine the best system for your specific flat roof requirements.

Yes, commercial metal roofing is an environmentally friendly option. Unlike traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, which often end up in landfills after their useful life, metal roofing is recyclable. Most metal roofs are made from recycled materials, and they can be recycled again when they reach the end of their lifespan, promoting sustainability and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Yes, commercial metal roofs offer a range of customization options. They are available in various colors, finishes, and profiles, allowing businesses to choose a design that complements their building's architecture and brand identity. Custom trim and accessories can also be added to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the roof.

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