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Metal Roof Snow Guards and Ice Protection

When it comes to installing a metal roof, one of the important details will be the installation of snow guards. For the inhabitants of Canada, this issue is especially relevant because in almost all parts of it there is a huge level of snow in winter.

Metal roof snow guards protect the roof and everything around it from uncontrolled avalanches. They trap and cut the main layer of snow and ice on the roof. Installing snow guards on the metal roof of the house or garden suites will protect from falling huge pieces of snow.

Externally, snow guards may differ; they have a different shape and purpose. For example, they can look like small projections of metal plates along the roof, or they can be in the form of two tubes located one above the other.

In the first case, metal roof ice stops are designed to crush snow into small pieces. In the case of a tube structure, they can cut off a certain level of snow or even block its convergence before it melts.

Metal roof snow guards

Reasons to Install Snow Guards

Based on the name, you can immediately understand what metal roof snow guards are for. Nevertheless, questions remain as to what level of protection they provide. The Monarchy Roofing company highlighted the main reasons why it is desirable to install snow guards in Toronto and Ontario.

The most important reason why metal roof snow stops are recommended is for the safety of people. There is a possibility that at the moment of an avalanche from the roof, someone may be standing under it.

In an avalanche, huge layers of snow weighing hundreds of pounds can fall from the roof of a building. This huge mass of snow can cause serious or even fatal injury to a person. This is very dangerous, therefore it is strongly recommended to take care of the safety of those who live in the house.

When it comes to tall industrial and public buildings, the installation of snow guards is a must. This protects all passers-by on the street.

Similarly, the rapidly descending snow layer from the roof can damage everything outside the house. Just imagine what would happen to your car if a 500 pounds lump of snow and ice falls on it from the roof. At best, it will be subject to major repairs.

The same can happen with other elements of your yard. Installing metal roof snow stops will keep shrubs, landscape, and other equipment close to the roof intact.

Among other things, even the roof itself can be damaged due to the lack of snow guards. Siding and gutters can be torn off under the pressure of the snow. When spring comes, repairing that damage can hit your budget seriously.

Since many modern roofs are multi-level, sliding snow can easily damage the lower level of the roof. Although metal roofs are very strong, a massive avalanche can damage ventilation holes, bend sheets of cover and smash skylights.

Loss of roof integrity can destroy the inner layers of the coating, and the ingress of water will cause dampness in your home. This is very serious damage and fortunately, it does not happen often, nevertheless, it is worth understanding the possible risks of the absence of metal roof snow guards.

As we mentioned above, the presence of metal roof guards allows you to preserve the integrity of all its parts. Based on this, it is worthwhile to understand that this can have a positive effect on your budget. The absence of the need for seasonal maintenance and repairs can save you up to $2000 per year.

When selling a home, the presence of metal roof ice stops can increase its value. If you have a new snow protection system installed then this will be a great additional feature. Correctly communicating information to the buyer will help you to increase the selling price of your home.

How to Choose Metal Roof Snow Stops for Your Roof

At the moment, many companies produce protective equipment for roofs. Monarchy Roofing company provides the most modern types of fence-style metal roof guards from the European company RUUKI.

As a leading manufacturer of materials for metal roofs, this European company provides the highest quality protective elements. Before being released, snow guards go through the toughest tests for durability and stability in the harshest areas.

Since the safety of our customers is important to our company, when installing snow guards, we guarantee their strength and reliability. The provided metal roof ice guards are made of high-quality galvanized steel.

This material is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. Also, a big plus of this material is the price-quality ratio. There are also options in aluminum, copper, and polycarbonate.

Aluminum snow guards are significantly inferior to steel in strength. As for copper, this material is very expensive and its use is impractical. Polycarbonate snow guards are even cheaper than steel ones, but they are significantly inferior in terms of service life.

Cost of Metal Roof Snow Guards

The cost of metal roof ice stops is usually included in the total cost of a metal roof. However, if you decide to install or replace protective equipment for your roof, then this will not come at a low price. Installing metal roof snow guards for an average home can cost around $2000 – $2500.

This price includes the cost of the equipment itself plus the cost of performing the installation. If you decide to buy separately, the average 10 feet fence-style snow guards will set you back $250.

Carrying out quality work on the installation of snow guards will also not be cheap. Depending on the complexity of the work, the cost will fluctuate around $50 – $70 per line foot. It should be understood that a quality installation is very important.

Professional installers from Monarchy Roofing guarantee you the high quality of both the materials used and the work performed. You will be guaranteed the reliability of the installed snow guards for decades and you will not have to worry about avalanches from your rooftop.

If you decide to install snow guards yourself, then you can also purchase all the necessary materials from our company. Snow guards made of high-quality galvanized steel will last for decades on your roof.

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How to Install Metal Roof Guards

For metal roof guards to perform their functions, it is important to install them correctly. The first step is to correctly define the required snow guards model. This choice depends on the roof pitch and the material of the covering, as well as the amount of snow falling in your area.

Fence-style metal roof ice guards are installed using special brackets. This heavy-duty mount is secured with multiple bolts and allows the snow guards to withstand massive snow pressure.

Metal roof ice guards are installed 1 – 2 feet from the roof eave. Distance depends on the roof pitch and the amount of snow that can affect the snow guards. In the event of a steep slope of the roof, several levels of snow guards can be installed to provide greater safety.

Installation of metal roof guards is a rather complicated process that requires special knowledge. In addition, it should be understood that in addition to the complexity of measurements, the installation takes place at a height and requires increased safety. If you need a quality installation of snow guards that will protect your roof for many years, then you can turn to the Monarchy Roofing company for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many misconceptions and questions about metal roof ice stops and guards. Monarchy Roofing specialists very often encounter them when communicating with clients, so we decided to highlight and answer the main questions. If you do not find a question that interests you in this list, you can always clarify it by calling the company number or writing an email.

Unfortunately, gutters cannot function as snow guards. Moreover, when snow accumulates on the roof of a house, it is the gutters that are most often damaged by it. A thick layer of snow can rip up the drain system and render it unusable.

In this case, you will have to carry out expensive roof repairs in the spring. Rebuilding the roof and installing new gutters can cost you $ 50 – $ 70 per line foot.

It is difficult to describe exactly what harm an avalanche of snow falling from a roof can cause. In each case, there may be different consequences. You should be aware of the fact that a metal roof can hold huge amounts of snow on it. When it starts to melt, all this mass can immediately collapse.

A mixture of ice and snow can cause significant damage to both people and everything that is located under the roof. Take care of the safety of everyone near your home by installing metal roof snow stops. They will also protect everything that is located under the roof, cars, plants, and other elements located outside your home.

The number of snow guards required to keep your roof safe can depend on various factors. This amount may vary depending on what type of metal roof snow stops are used, roof pitch, the degree of precipitation in your area.

Since metal roof ice guards are installed along the entire roof, their number depends on its dimensions. The best way to find out the required amount of snow guards for the roof of your house is to invite experts for an estimate. Monarchy Roofing can advise and plan the placement of the required number of metal roof snow guards.

Undoubtedly, on a small roof, less snow will collect. However, this does not guarantee that the falling snow will not cause any damage to passers-by or plants.

It is always recommended to prioritize safety. Therefore, try to protect yourself and your loved ones by installing metal roof snow stops even on a small roof.

Metal roof ice guards are designed to protect against avalanches from the roof. This means that they block large layers of ice and snow and prevent them from falling off the roof. However, small pieces and splashes may seep through the protection.

These pieces are not dangerous and in most cases, they end up in gutters where they melt with the coming of spring. The main layer of snow and ice lingers on snow stops and leaves the roof in the form of meltwater.

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