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Commercial metal roofing

It will not be a surprise that metal roofs are gaining more and more popularity for commercial buildings because of their reliability and durability. Installation of this type of roof is a laborious process that requires certain experience and skills. Monarchy Roofing company provides steel sheet installation services in Toronto and nearby cities.

High-quality work with an individual approach to each project is what our customers value. Services include metal roofs, sidings and other, which will give your home a modern style for many years with a high level of practicality. We also supply metal sheets and accessories made by well-known European manufacturers.

Constructed steel roof in Toronto

Long Warranties of Sheet Roofing

One of the criteria in construction is the warranty period. We are sure that there will not be a person in the world who would be glad that the services rendered to him were not done professionally. Each client appreciates the quality of work and materials used to build the house. Monarchy roofing company responsibly approaches its duties to the customer, because our team of workers performs everything at the highest level. We also use only the best materials that are delivered from Europe from the largest manufacturers. As proof of this, we provide long warranties that are 50 years. None of the other types of roof coverings can guarantee you such a long service life.

Monarchy metal Roofing company

Areas We Serve

Monarchy Roofing is engaged in commercial metal roofing not only in Toronto and Mississauga. We also install roofs in other cities such as Brampton, Oakville, Burlington and other cities in Ontario. All you need to do in order to find out more information about our services is to call us or send an email. Our managers will contact you and will be happy to answer all the questions important to you. With the opportunity to further arrange a meeting and a more detailed analysis of the upcoming work.

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Steel Roofing Time Installation

Installation of metal roofs is a very complex process and only professionals need to trust such work. The quality of the roof and how long it lasts for you depends on it. Installation time differs from other types of coating and depends on various factors. For example, for a small house, subject to good weather, it can take from several days to a week. If the dimensions of the building are large and there are some design difficulties, it may take longer. The time frame is negotiated separately for each project, after the arrival of our employee, and the clarification of the volume of all necessary work. The vast experience of our employees allows us to install commercial metal roofing in the shortest possible time taking care of the quality and work done.

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing


No Maintenance

Metal roofs do not need to be repaired every season and this feature plays an important part in saving costs. This is due to the fact that metal is a very durable material and if unforeseen incidents such as natural disasters or accidents did not happen, then it will serve you for many years remaining as new.


For commercial metal roofing, the long life of the used materials is very important. None of the other types of coatings can boast such a long service life as metal. Based on this, if you need quality for many years, then it is certainly worth thinking about a metal roof.

Return on Investment             

Building or renovation is always an expensive process. It is very important that the money invested can pay off with a possible sale of real estate. Metal roofs can help a lot with raising the price of your home based on its reliability, long lifeline and excellent appearance, which will provide the return of investment.

Environmentally Friendly

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a house for living or commercial, it is comfortable that being inside this building does not bring harm. Materials that our company using in metal roofing are environmentally friendly and safe for humans. Also, if you care about ethology, then the nice thing is that they are 100% recyclable.


Finding Experienced Company

Metal roofs have a lot of advantages, in comparison with other types. But their installation requires professionalism, otherwise, all the advantages may be lost. Monarchy Roofing company with many years of experience in this field will be happy to assist you in providing quality commercial metal roofing services.

More Upfront Costs

Compared to other types of roof coverings, metal ones have a higher initial cost. But do not forget that you will not spend money on minor repairs every few years and the lifeline of such a roof is much longer. As a result, it turns out that over time, a metal roof will cost you less.

Relatively New on the Market

Before choosing a product, people tend to know the opinions of those who have already done this. And since metal roofs are a fairly new type of coating, then there can not be as many reviews as for asphalt ones. But over the years that metal sheets exist, they have proven themselves to be a modern solution in roofing.

Can be Dented

Of course, metal sheets are much stronger than their competitors in roofing – roof tiles and asphalt pavements. But still, they can be dented, under the influence of tremendous force, for example, it can be a fallen tree. But in this case, you do not have to change the entire roof, but only those sheets that have been damaged.

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