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Monterrey is a low-profile metal roof, which organically combined with both the natural landscape and the architecture of the building. The Monterrey model is one of our most popular roofing patterns thanks to its aesthetic characteristics and a wide range of colours.

Available coatings and colours:

  • Rough Matt Polyester Coating: available in Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Terra Cotta
  • GreenCoat Pural BT Coating: available in Black, Grey, Brown
Ruukki Monterrey Profile
Profile Monterrey RR23
RR23 – Grey
Profile Monterrey RR29
RR29 – Red
Profile Monterrey RR33
RR33 – Black
Profile Monterrey RR750
RR750 – Terra Cotta
Profile Monterrey RR887
RR887 – Brown

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