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Snap Lock Standing Seam

The A1500 metal roof panel is an integral snap-lock architectural metal roofing system with a 1 ½” high profile. The system features an integral narrow batten seam that snaps over a rigid, continuous interlock leg to create a robust and visually appealing metal roofing system.

The A1500 system offers a blend of architectural versatility and clean, seamless transitions from roof to mansard, fascia, or soffit. It is also available in a wide range of coatings and colors to suit various preferences.

We offer on-site standing seam panels roll forming of any size.

A variety of gauges, colours, and coatings are available. Please contact for details and pricing.


  • No exposed fasteners
  • Ease of installation
  • Full range of stock colours
  • Variable width
  • Optional stiffening flutes
  • Hidden clips for easy installation
  • No seamer required


  • Oil canning is a naturally occurring phenomenon inherent in all sheet panels. Oil canning is not a valid reason for rejection of these products.


  • Single skin application
  • Recommended that this always be applied over solid substrate
  • Recommended that this be applied over waterproof membrane
  • Clips at maximum 2’ centres – 2 fasteners per clip
  • Snap-in-place design
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