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Metal Roofing Tiles

custom metal roofing


Have piece of mind with a 50 year warranty on your new metal roof

custom metal roofing

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Our custom metal roofing is multi layer coated and built to last a lifetime

custom metal roofing


Our products are the most unique form of roofing material on the market

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Metal Tile From The Manufacturer

For most homeowners, metal roofing tiles are the best solution in terms of quality and cost. The systems presented are installed on commercial and residential buildings in Mississauga, Ontario, as well as many other cities in Canada. If you are interested in this type of roofing material and want to install it on your home, you have come to the right place.

Our company offers quality roofing material from a proven top manufacturer and expert installation. We are ready to perform a project of any complexity. But before you choose the material and order the installation, you should first familiarize yourself with this solution’s features.

Comparison of metal roofing tiles with other roofing materials

Sometimes it isn’t easy to choose a roofing material. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we consider the most popular options for roofing materials and compare them to metal tiles.

Asphalt shingles

The presented material is often used to cover a residential house’s roof. It is due to excellent fire resistance, a relatively democratic cost, and a wide range of colours and options. The asphalt roof’s main advantage is its lower cost compared to metal tiles. At the same time, it is significantly inferior in durability – with an average life span of 12 – 15 years. The energy efficiency of this material can be disappointing since it strongly absorbs heat, which negatively affects the cost of electricity in the summer.

Technical specifications and features metal roofing tiles

Most often used during the installation of pressed metal roof tiles. Its production is used galvanized steel with a bilateral protective coating of polymers. The roofing material cost depends on the manufacturer, the chosen coating, and other parameters. In any case, any metal can have the following features and specifications:

  • Low weight. For some houses, lightweight metal roof tiles are often the only option for re-roofing. In addition, if you choose this material is not required to mount reinforced rafters. Use additional materials for sheathing.
  • Ease of installation. The presented material is rather quick and easy to install. Most often, projects are characterized by low labor costs and high productivity of masonry.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes. Install this type of roofing can be practiced in any climate, regardless of the time of year.
  • Durability. Metal is not afraid of a variety of mechanical damage.

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Why Choose Us? Guarantees and warranties offered

If you need metal roofing tiles in Canada, contact our company. We in installing this roofing material, ensuring that each of our customers gets the quality work we undertake. We have metal roofing tiles for sale, which will include a full metal roofing system with all required accessories and trims. Turning to Monarchy Roofing, you can be sure you will get a solid and durable roof for many years. Many customers chose to work with us because of several advantages:

High-quality materials

We use only high-quality roofing metal tiles from the best manufacturers.

Flawless installation

Our company has several qualified installation teams with extensive experience in roof installation. Installers have all the necessary insurance and certificates for the installation of metal, in particular passing special training to work at a heights.

Qualified approach

Our company employs only true professionals with many years of experience. Once you contact our team and discuss the project’s features, experts will arrive at the site at a specified time to perform all the work. You can trust us to choose the best type of metal – we will advise what thickness of the panels is better, what colour suits the design of your home, and advise on other matters.

Performance Guarantee

All completed projects have a warranty period. Turning to us, you can be sure you will receive the highest quality material and professional metal roofing installation.

Quality and Durability

On average, metal roof tiles can last for about 50 years. Resistance to various atmospheric factors allows you to forget the need to re-shingle the roof for many years. To protect yourself from many problems, you also need to buy quality materials for the roof. With this question, our experts are always ready to help.

Design and Aesthetics

You can find different style and colour options in the catalog, depending on each homeowner’s preferences. A wide range of colours allows you to choose exactly the shade of metal that best fits the house’s exterior, emphasizing the style of the external finish. The most common solution – is panels with imitation tiles. Using this material, you can build a roof of any configuration.


Roof tiles metal is a relatively inexpensive solution. Cost material is quite democratic. The fact that it offers a long life allows you to save money on maintenance during operation.

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My brother was satisfied with the metal roofing they installed, and recommended me to make a renovation in my house as well. I was not disappointed at all! Very professional service! Thank you for the high quality work and the best specialists in the area.
Hayden Green
Monarchy Roofing is the best company for the solution of metal roof installation. Great professionals and metal roofing specialists. Thank you for the productive cooperation. Highly recommending them!
Blake King
These are the best steel roofing suppliers in our town. After the check-up, I was happy to find out the high-quality of their product! Amazing service!
Demarcus Downs
Thanks to this residential metal roofing company. We were building a new home and needed a professional metal roofing company to come on a very short notice to waterproof the roof and protect the plywood as the weather was getting bad. Kevin responded very quickly and sent the crew to install waterproofing membrane on our roof before the storm. Few days later guys came back and install the metal roof. My new house is now protected and I am ready to start the work inside. Was surprised by the speed and quality of the works done with metal roof and productive cooperation. Thanks!!
Cedric Cantrell
Good metal roofing services were hard to find in my area. A colleague have recommending this company and they have helped us very fast with a steel roofing installation. Next, I am going to order their service again for my parent’s house. Thank you!
Daniel Shaw
I have ordered the service from this Metal roofing company and have been very satisfied with the job of real professional that work there. The roof was installed as per schedule and looks amazing
Sam Barker
We got several quotes for a metal rof installation. after meeting with Kevin and visiting their show room its was clear that they offer the best value with high quality product and fair price. the job was done on time and we are very satisfied with the work and the whole experience with the company. Highly recommend.
Volodymyr Senyuk
We had a roofing service for our cottage houses - the main house and the guest house. The work was done quickly and efficiently, the roofs are very nice. I highly recommend this company and I am just worried that we don't have any more houses that require their service))
Natasha Suvorova
We checked with few companies for metal roofing, and found Monarchy to be the best choice for quality., Monarchy was also the best for price and clarity. Monarchy has a great quoting system. We filled in our address on their website, and Manager Kevin emailed us an itemized exact quote, with drawings & measurements of our roof informed by satellite data. Kevin visited in person and answered all our questions. Even after the visit I had few more questions and he answered patiently & satisfactorily. Kevin is approachable, responsive, knowledgeable & efficient. The install happened sooner than estimated, and finished as mentioned. The installers Vadim & his team were very hardworking, conscientious, polite & skilled and detailed their work beautifully. They also took care of adding mesh for squirrel protection and caulking where required. They cleaned everything on site. we would strongly recommend Monarchy Metal Roofing. We are very happy with our New Metal Roof Monarchy's response & resolution, as they provided a 10yr warranty on Installation & 30yrs warranty on the Metal roof material.
Manju Chheda
We did a lot of research on metal roofing, and found Monarchy to be the best choice for quality. When we got quotes from 4 companies, Monarchy was also the best for price and clarity. Monarchy has a great quoting system. We filled in our address on their website, and manager Kevin emailed us an itemized exact quote, with drawings & measurements of our roof informed by satellite data. In his subsequent site visit, Kevin verified the numbers in the quote (which were correct) and answered all our questions. Kevin is approachable, responsive, knowledgeable & efficient. The install happened sooner than estimated, and finished earlier than scheduled. The installers were very conscientious, polite, skilled & hardworking, and detailed their work beautifully. They also took down & hauled away our expired satellite dish at no charge. The final look is even better than expected! If any problems arise with the new roof, this review will be updated to reflect Monarchy's response & resolution, as they provided a 10yr warranty on labour & 50yr manufacturer warranty on the materials & coating we chose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal roofing tiles are roofing materials that mimic the appearance of traditional roofing tiles, such as clay or concrete tiles, but are made of metal. They are designed to provide the aesthetic appeal of traditional tiles while offering the advantages of metal roofing, including durability, longevity, and resistance to weather elements.

Metal roofing tiles offer several benefits. They combine the elegant look of traditional roofing tiles with the durability and strength of metal. Metal roofing tiles are lightweight, fire-resistant, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also energy-efficient, recyclable, and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, metal roofing tiles can be an excellent choice for retrofitting existing roofs without compromising on aesthetics.

Metal roofing tiles are renowned for their exceptional performance in extreme weather conditions:

Wind Resistance: Metal roofing tiles are engineered to withstand high winds, making them an excellent choice for properties in hurricane-prone or windy regions.

Waterproofing: Properly installed metal roofing tiles, along with an appropriate underlayment, provide excellent waterproofing and protection against heavy rain and snow.

Snow Shedding: The smooth surface of metal roofing tiles helps snow slide off the roof more easily, reducing the risk of snow buildup and potential damage.

Metal roofing tiles can be suitable for various types of roofs, including residential and commercial structures. They can be installed on roofs with different slopes, such as low-slope or steep-slope roofs. However, it's important to consult with a roofing professional to assess the specific requirements of your roof and ensure that metal roofing tiles are a suitable option.

Yes, metal roofing tiles can be customized to match different architectural styles. They are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and profiles to suit various design preferences. Whether you have a modern, contemporary, or traditional architectural style, there are metal roofing tile options that can complement the aesthetics of your building.

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