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In construction, as in any type of work, everything must be done efficiently. And when it comes to installing metal roofs, you should turn to professionals. Monarchy Roofing company has been providing metal roof installation services for many years. Our qualified staff will perform all stages of the work, from the design of the future roof to the finishing touches of the installation. Call us and we will help you.

Latest Metal Roofing Brampton Projects

Installation Process

The installation process of steel roofs consists of many parts. Each of the steps is very important and must be carried out by accepted standards to avoid internal damage or leakage of the roof due to cracks between the sheets. The installation process can be divided into several stages, this is taking measurements, installing decks, insulation layer and steel sheets, siding, and ventilation. This is a laborious process that requires certain skills and work experience.

Services that We Provide

In the construction of commercial buildings, the speed of work is very important. Monarchy Roofing customers appreciate our services for this. We try to carry out an individual approach in the construction of metal roofs for each project as soon as possible by assigning an estimate and planning all stages. We will be happy to answer all your questions and offer options for the upcoming installation work that will suit your project.

Commercial Steel Roofing in Brampton

Monarchy Roofing company carries out the correct and reliable installation of metal roofing in Brampton with strict adherence to all technical requirements and instructions. After the conclusion of the contract, our specialists will take measurements and calculate the amount of necessary material. High professionalism, vast experience and utmost accuracy of employees guarantee high quality of work performed.

Facts about Metal Roofing

Environmentally Friendly

Concern for the environment and health worries many people when building a house. Clients strives to ensure that every part of his house and even the roof are made of environmentally friendly materials. Metal roofs are an excellent option for such a task as they are made of materials that do not contain harmful substances and do not harm the environment.

Expected Life

Steel roofs have an exceptionally long service life. The natural properties of the metal allow the client not to worry about repairing the roof after each season, saving money on maintenance. Our company provides guarantees of 50 years and other common types of coverage cannot be compared with this.


Metal roofs are lighter in weight and offer several advantages. Firstly, lighter material does not give unnecessary load on the foundation of your house, and secondly, this feature allows you to install metal roofs on top of the old coating when repairing the house.

This will help to significantly save your costs for dismantling the old coating.

Fire Resistance

Metal roofs are resistant to fire. As you know, metals withstand high temperatures, which allows them to protect the roof of your house from an external fire. This feature can help keep your home in emergencies that can happen to everyone.


Fast And Quality Metal Roofing Installation In Brampton

Metal roofing was once relegated for commercial roofing buildings, especially manufacturing industries. Today, the ideology is rapidly changing and most homeowners are opting for metal roofing. This is not without tangible reasons and evidence. Homeowners are making a good choice from a futuristic approach. The choice of metal roofing…

Financial Benefits Of Choosing Brampton Metal Roofing

Over the years, a lot of erroneous opinions have been spreading over the locally and over the internet that the cost of metal roofing is very high. Some source even claims that investing in a metal roof is only advisable when you intend to live in the building for a long time. It may be true that the initial cost of…

Popular Metal Roofing Types

Tile Sheet Roof

The appearance of a tile roof is familiar to many people. For decades, such a roof was considered the standard of the beauty of a house and the prosperity of its residents. Modern technologies make it possible to create roofs from more practical materials than clay and so on.

A roof made of metal tiles would be an excellent modern counterpart. It will maintain the familiar appearance of the roof and allow you to enjoy its benefits. Unlike other materials, such a roof will protect your home from leaks for many years without the need for major repairs. Also, such a roof will be lighter and more durable.

Since metal has a natural resistance to high temperatures, the metal roof does not fade in the sun and will serve you for many years. Many may think that metal can rust over time, but special coatings protect such a roof during its entire life.

Standing Seam Roof

If you are determined to use the best technology in roofing, then the standing seam metal roof will be the undisputed leader. This technology shows itself perfectly in all aspects, and the material for such a roof passes the most difficult tests. Canada’s mildew climate is not a problem for standing seam metal roofing in Brampton. Such roofs are very resistant to deformation even under strong external influences.

A distinctive feature of metal roofs is also considered to be their appearance. Since paint gives this roofing color, you will have the opportunity to choose from a range of colors and shades. In addition to the style, the color of the roof can also have useful properties, for example, light colors will repel the sun’s rays on hot summer days, which will allow the house not to overheat.

Since standing seam metal roofs are installed according to a special principle, it is sometimes very difficult to find specialists who do it well. Fortunately, Monarchy Roofing has been doing this for many years and our professional staff can carry out roof installation of any complexity with a quality guarantee for many years.

Profiled Sheet Roof

With the introduction of corrugated metal sheets on the market, there has been a revolution for commercial and non-residential buildings. This is not surprising because such a roof has many advantages. First of all, its practicality played, by installing such a roof the owner of a room or house could forget about annual repairs for decades.

In addition, corrugated metal sheet roofs are highly durable and resistant even to very strong winds. This is possible thanks to the special curved shape of the metal sheets. The second distinctive feature was the weight of the roof. Although it is made of metal, it is light enough that it can be installed on a simple frame, which saves a lot of money.

If we compare this type of roof with modern metal counterparts, then you can notice a significant price difference. A corrugated metal roof will cost you a lot less than a standing seam roof and is easier to install. But still, if you look from the aesthetic side, then such a roof will not be as beautiful as other metal options. Because of this, corrugated metal roofs are often used in most industrial and agricultural environments.

Tile sheet metal profile
Standing seam profile
Metal profiled sheet

Metal Roofing Brampton Reviews

I turned to this company to build a metal roof. I already had the proposed project, but I wanted to make some changes there. Representatives of Monarchy Roofing agreed to do this without any problems, and my project is already becoming an individual. The distinguishing feature was the courtesy of the staff, the friendliness in explaining the process. When calculating the estimates, the amount was slightly more expensive than originally planned, due to changes.

Metal Roofing Brampton Reviews

I was pleased with the appeal to this company. You were recommended to us by concrete contractors who did the work in our house. Firstly, the company helped me with the choice of material, as there were two options and, thanks to the advice of the company’s employees, I was able to decide. Secondly, all my wishes were taken into account when planning the roof, the only thing the engineers of the company suggested to me and I slightly changed my initial look. They quickly developed the layout of the building and showed the drawings.

Metal Roofing Brampton Reviews

When we planned to build a metal roof for our home in Brampton, we selected several companies whose work we visually liked. Most fully our wishes were able to satisfy Monarchy Roofing, for which we are grateful. As probably in every project, the construction of our cottage also had its differences, but as a result, the modified project and the quality of the roof built, my family and I were satisfied.

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