Black Adamante Metal Roof

Project Details 

  • Project Location: Tiny Township, Ontario
  • Metal Roof: Ruukki Adamante style
  • Steel: SSAB GreenCoat Pural BT
  • Colour: Black, RR33

Monarchy Roofing completed a 5200 sq. ft. roof replacement project for a client seeking a durable, long-lasting solution to their aging shingled roof. Understanding the client’s desire for a lifetime roofing system, we installed a new metal roof featuring the Ruukki Adamante profile, known for its superior strength and aesthetic appeal.

To ensure the highest quality and performance, the client opted for the premium GreenCoat Pural BT paint, renowned for its excellent resistance to weathering and UV radiation.

Our comprehensive installation included double strapping for enhanced stability, ridge ventilation to promote airflow, new bathroom vents for improved ventilation, and snow guards around the house perimeter to prevent snow buildup and potential damage. This project not only addressed the client’s immediate roofing concerns but also provided a robust and visually appealing solution that will stand the test of time.

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