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When choosing which roofing material to buy for the home, the consumer most often focuses on the appearance of the material, its price, lifeline, warranty period, installation cost, delivery time, the reputation of the supplier, installer and manufacturer. There are a large number of roofing materials on the market that installers offer. An objective comparison of the previously listed characteristics (price-quality) most often leads to the choice of roofing materials made of metal with a protective decorative coating. If you want to make your choice on metal roofing, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the forms of metal profiles. It can be either a classic or a retro shape with a wavy profile. The choice of form is the first step to buy metal tiles. Metal roof tiles have one advantage that other roofing materials do not have, it is a wide color palette. A huge selection of colors will help to give uniqueness to your home. Many people think that the color of metal tiles over time tends to fade, but it is worth noting that the shade does not affect the service life. It all depends on the quality of the coating. Because of this, our company supplies metal roofing from the best manufacturers.

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Monarchy Roofing company supplies only the best materials for metal roofing. The leader in metal tile production is RUUKKI HYYGGE. Imported metal roof tiles from Europe are stable and perfectly suited to the Canadian climate. Due to the quality of the polymer coating, this material eliminates the possibility of cracks and corrosion and therefore protects the steel well from destruction. Notable for its ductility and strength, the metal tile can be a successful acquisition for the roof of any home. We provide materials to construction companies at good prices and in the shortest possible time.

In delivery services, speed is very important. Monarchy Roofing provides deliveries to all cities in Ontario to improve the quality of service for end-users and construction companies, as well as facilitate installation planning. We select the best delivery method for each client. For more detailed information write us an email or call. Our staff will help determine the choice of products and calculate the delivery time.

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Do you know that the long-term and endurance of your home largely depends on the roofing system? The roof, like the foundation, is one of the most important elements of the building. It is she who protects the house from external precipitation, cold and damp. Therefore, in order for your house to serve you as long as possible and you spend less on repairs, it is worth approaching responsibly when choosing the material of the roofing system. Metal tile is one of the most popular materials for pitched roof roofs with a slope of at least 12-14 degrees. It is a profile sheet of thin galvanized steel, aluminum or copper, coated with a protective layer of polymer and tested by cold pressure. This is a rather advantageous replacement for the tiled coating because the metal tile is not only distinguished by its similarity with it but also quite strong. This allows us to provide a long warranty on the supplied materials.

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Flexible delivery service, low prices, high quality, wide selection, and various colors are the main advantages when choosing a material. The materials provided by Monarchy roofing are highly stable and practical, which is one of the main factors in the selection of such material. Having looked through the catalog of our products, you can choose the perfect option for you and your home. Our consultants will answer all your questions and give a detailed description of the type of metal roofing you are interested in. To purchase goods, please contact us at the telephone number indicated on the website, consult our managers and select the appropriate material for you. After all, not only your convenience depends on this, but also the strength and safety of your home.

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