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Step by Step Metal Roof Installation

Installing a metal roof is a very complex process. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge for the installed roof to last for many years. You need to know the sequence of the process and have all the necessary equipment for high-quality and safe work.

Monarchy Roofing has been installing various metal roofs in Toronto and nearby cities for many years. There are many different metal roofing systems available on the market. Although the concept and most of the steps for installation are the same for all metal roofing systems, we need to keep in mind that each one may have its own specific requirements and guidelines for installation.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the step by step installation of the metal tile roofing systems with exposed fasteners. Let’s share the secrets that professional metal roof installers use and talk about all the tools that are needed for this job.

Metal Roof Installation process

Step by Step Metal Roof Installation Process

As we mentioned earlier, the installation of a metal roof consists of many steps. Initially, it is necessary to take measurements and find out about the condition of the deck for the future roof of the house. After that, you can start the installation process.

It is necessary to lay the waterproofing material on the plywood before installing the metal sheets. It helps protect your home from leaks. This layer also helps with thermoregulation. It does not let hot air into the house in summer and cold air in winter. In the case when installing over existing shingles, the waterproofing membrane does not need to be installed over existing shingles.

That layer of shingles will act as protective barrier for the shingles. When covering plywood with waterproofing membrane, make sure to use high quality membrane. We recommend to use membrane with weight of at least 150 g/m2.

Always use double strapping before installing metal roofing tiles. Strapping is installed on top of the insulating layer. It is on them that the future metal roof will be attached. The wooden grid creates a ventilated air gap which allows for air circulation to prevent moisture and condensation.

The next step is to install perimeter flashings. This is a fairly simple but very important step. Flashings protect the cut of the roof of the house from strong winds. They are made of the same metal as the metal sheets and are fastened with screws along the edges of the entire roof. They must fit snugly to the roof edges without gaps.

Most roofs have several slopes and may have valleys which require careful attention and proper installation. Metal valleys are installed at the junctions of these slopes. The ends of the valley are bent to prevent ice or water from going under the meta tiles and direct all the water downwards into the gutter system. A waterproofing layer is glued to the edges of the valleys to better isolate the roof from water.

Metal roofing sheets are installed over double strapping. Installation starts from the bottom of the roof. The roofing is laid with an overlap of at least 3 inches to prevent water from flowing under the roofing material. All panels are then attached to the strapping with screws.

Metal sheets are fastened with special self-tapping screws. They do not need to pre-drill holes and this greatly simplifies the installation process. The screws also have a HDPE washer. It serves as a protective element that allows the screw to fit snugly against metal sheets.

Make sure high quality galvanized screws are used to ensure the long span of the roof. We recommend screws with 20 microns of galvanization and aluminum gaskets for maximum protection.

The HDPE washer also serves as a protective mechanism. When heated, the metal expands and the sheets can be damaged at the attachment points. This washer minimizes this damage, which ensures the long-term operation of the metal roof.

Ridge elements are one of the most important parts of the roof. It is located at the upper junction of the roof slopes, closing it. When installing the skate, many additional elements are used. They greatly simplify the installation of the roof and improve its quality. After that, the front additional elements are installed. They protect the ends of the slopes from moisture ingress into the coating.

At the final stage snow stops are installed at the perimeter of the roof. They act as a safety feature and are used to break up snow and ice into smaller pieces and allow for a controlled snow fall from the roof. Depending on the slope and length of the roof slope more than one layer of snow stops may be required.

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What do You Need to Install a Metal Roof?

It is impossible to perform a high-quality installation of a metal roof without the presence of special tools. Each type of metal roof may require different tools and materials. However, there is a general list, which we will consider below.

Necessary Tools

To install a metal roof, you may need many devices. Each of them performs its function and is indispensable in a particular situation. Having all the necessary tools will allow you to install the metal roof correctly. Let’s look at the most necessary tools for roof installation.

Drill. An indispensable tool for fastening metal panels. You can quickly and conveniently fix all the screws with it without applying strong physical effort.

Level. Based on the name, it becomes clear that the level is used to determine the slope of the surface. Metal panels are set at the required level using it. There are many varieties of this tool.

A Tape Measure is an indispensable tool for every builder. It is used for all measurements. You cannot do without this device if you want to perform a quality installation of a metal roof.

Metal Snips. The name of this device fully reveals its functions. Metal snips are used to trim metal panels, edges, and other metal parts used to install a metal roof.

Nibblers is the electrical counterpart of metal snips. The ability to evenly cut off part of a metal sheet is its hallmark. If you need to cut a small piece of metal, then it is better to use metal snips.

Blade Cutters will be an indispensable tool if you need to cut something other than metal sheets. It is used to cut the edges of the insulation layer when laying a metal roof. It is easy to open packages with materials and cut off other small things with this tool. A construction knife may be needed for any construction work.

The Chalk Line Marker is another measuring device that simplifies the process of installing a metal roof. You can mark a straight line on any surface with it. This is very convenient when you need to mark the cut of a long metal sheet.

Safety Equipment

Working on the roof of the house is fraught with many dangers. You can slip on a slippery metal roof or get hurt on sharp sheets. It is necessary to know the safety precautions and have the appropriate safety equipment before installing a metal roof.

The Roof Safety Harness is special safety equipment that protects against falls from the roof. This harness system is worn by a person and attached to all limbs. On the back, there is a special ring to which a protective cable is attached with a carabiner. The other end of this cable is fixed in a special place on the roof. You can protect yourself from falling from a great height using this device. Any kind of work at height is prohibited without this safety equipment.

Safety Shoes. Any construction work must be carried out in special shoes and the installation of the roof is no exception. Safety shoes are like high boots made of high-strength material. Inside this shoe, metal plates are mounted that protect against heavy objects falling on the foot.

Protective Gloves. The edges of the metal sheets are quite sharp and can easily cut your hands. Therefore, protective gloves are considered mandatory for use when installing the roof. They will help to avoid minor abrasions and cuts.

Safety Glasses are not a mandatory attribute of human protection when installing a metal roof. Nevertheless, it should be understood that they cannot be dispensed with when cutting metal sheets using nibblers. They will protect your eyes from small metal particles.


Do not forget about the materials that will be needed to install a metal roof. They may vary slightly depending on the type of metal roof chosen. Here is a basic list of what you should have available anyway.

  • Metal Sheets.
  • Screws and Rivets.
  • Waterproofing Material.

All the materials must be sufficient. The lack of any material will slow down construction. You will have to go to the hardware store again or wait for delivery. This will affect the time spent on the construction of a metal roof, which is not acceptable in the case of a professional company.

Instaling Steel Roof

How Long does it Take to Install a Metal Roof?

The timing of the installation of the roof plays an important role. The house during this time is practically defenseless against bad weather. Many factors play into the speed of installing a metal roof, and the most important of them is who does the installation.

1. Professional Company

You will get the fastest roof installation if you entrust the work to a professional company. A team of specialists will quickly assess the upcoming work and collect all measurements. A team of experts will install a new 2000 sq ft metal roof in 3 to 4 days knowing the job well.Along with a quick installation, you also get professional guarantees that the roof is installed with high quality and will serve you for decades.

2. By yourself

It is difficult to say how long the installation of a metal roof will take if you do it yourself. It all depends on your skills, free time and assistants. Allow at least two weeks for this process if you decide to do the work yourself.

It is worth understanding that you cannot do some of the work alone. This means that you need at least one assistant. You also assume all the risks associated with the quality of work by installing the roof yourself.

What Can Affect Installation Speed

The time required to install a metal roof is given under ideal conditions. However, some factors can slow down this process. The most common reason for delays in work is bad weather. The roof is not installed during rain or snow.

The speed of roof installation also depends on its complexity. The process can be complicated by many roof slopes and additional elements. A professional company will calculate all the difficulties in advance and tell you the exact time required to install a metal roof in your particular case.

Should You Install the Metal Roof Yourself?

Many homeowners wonder if they can install a metal roof on their own. There are many step by step metal roof installation guides on the Internet, after looking at them you can decide that this is a simple process.

Unfortunately, many homeowners become frustrated when starting on their own. You will have to face many difficulties in this case. It will be necessary to assess the current condition of the roof of the house, make calculations, order and deliver material, demolish the old roof and repair the deck. Note that this is still before the roof installation work has begun.

You save yourself from all the difficulties by hiring a professional company. You do not have to solve many issues in which you are most likely not competent. You will save your time and also get a guarantee that the installation of a metal roof is done with high quality. The decision to install a metal roof yourself must be balanced and you must understand all the responsibilities.

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