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Standing seam metal roofing for commercial buildings in Burlington

The use of standing seam metal roofing is increasing. This is due to its sleek look, superior weather-tight qualities, and it’s durability. Architects, manufacturers, contractors, home and building owners are subscribing to the usage of standing steam roofing for commercial buildings in Burlington. Standing seam metal roofing can be defined as a concealed fastener metal panel system that features a board and vertical legs, and a flat area between the two legs. It is described as a raised seam or vertical legs that are made to rise above the panel’s flat area. Whether the panel is fastened directly to the decking under the vertical leg by using a fastener flange or it is attached to the roof deck, the main is that the fastener is hidden in a standing seam system.

Types of standing seam panels:

One of the unique selling points of standing seam metal is that it has a variety of choices and options for clients. The choice varies from the shape, profile, length, thickness, width, and more. These are some of the popular types of standing seam panels.

Mechanical lock

Mechanical seam lock is roll-formed with edges that line up with each other. When the two panels are engaged, a mechanical seamer or a hand is used to bend the lock and edges of the panels together. There are generally two versions of mechanical seams; the double lock 180-degree seams and single lock 90-degree seams.


The profiles of snap-lock consist of panels that are carefully roll-formed with specifically-shaped edges,  a female leg, and a male leg. These two snap together and do not require mechanical or hand seaming during installation. A clip is used to attach the snap-lock profiles to the seam, which is fastened under the panel. Fastener flange panels use a similar locking mechanism, but a true snap-lock allows the system to float freely with its clip system.

Nail flange

Nail flange, otherwise known as fastener flange, uses a similar mechanism as the snap-lock panel system. It uses a clip fastened directly down to the deck through the male leg of the metal panel instead of using a clip attached to the panel of the roof deck. The female leg snaps over the entire male leg of the panel once the fasteners are in place. This hides the fastener head.

Commercial buildings that are often using metal roofing in Burlington

The cost of construction is increasing every year. This implies that the cost of renovation of commercial building roofs also increases, and this will greatly impact the profitability of the company. Commercial buildings need roofs that will be leak-proof and sturdy because they have goods and expensive pieces of machinery under them. This is the reason why commercial buildings managers never compromise on the quality of their roofs. Research by experts claims that the best solution to the industrial or commercial building is a metal roofing system as they are very economical and yet durable.

Office buildings

Office buildings are so important to business, and a single reinforcement can have a great impact on the turn over of the business. Aside from the benefits that are using metal roofs offer to buildings, ranging from protection of lives and property, lowing of the temperature in the building, low maintenance, resistance to fire, etc., they also offer aesthetics that can attract more customers to the business.


Banks as an organization are very cautious of the kind of materials that they use in their building, as this can greatly impact their business. Bank seeks to use materials that offer their customers better banking satisfaction, makes them distinct from their competitors and economical and durable for maximum profitability. Even the choice of roofing materials is not left out. Banks in Burlington use metal roofing because of its economic, durability, and aesthetics properties. Most banks in Burlington have a specific choice of color for their roofs and this makes them a visible and distinct brand.

Product Warehouse

Product warehouse managers are also very cautious and selective of the kind of materials that they use to construct the warehouse. The choice of materials is usually dependent on the kind of products that will be stored in the warehouse. Metal roofing is suitable for all general warehouse purposes.

Car wash facilities

The type of roofing used for a car wash facility can also affect the business. Professional car wash organizations consider this. Not only do they use metal roofing for branding, but metal roofing reduces the temperature of the interior.

Retail stores

Retail store managers are also very cautious of their building materials as this will have a great impact on the product most especially for perishable goods and other items that require a certain temperature to be in good condition.

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