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Residential Metal Roofing

Every day more and more homeowners choose metal roofs for their residential houses. This is primarily due to their reliability and long service life. These roofs can be made from different types of metal, such as steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. And each of them has own characteristics. For example, steel is stronger than aluminum, but this roof will be heavier.

Nowadays, metal sheets for roofs are made in different styles and sizes. This is done to give your home a special look. Residential metal roof may have a look of a clay tile, cedar shake, or slate, due to the shape and colour of the steel panels. This large selection of colours and shapes allows homeowners to build the house that they always dreamed about. It is very important to find a trusted residential metal roofing company


Popular Residential Metal Roofing Types

Residential Metal Roofing Types

Residential metal roofing systems can look very different from each other. This allows homeowners to choose the style of metal roof they like best and best suits the style of their home. You will discuss with the residential metal roofing contractor all these issues. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular types of residential metal roofing.

Tiled Metal Roof

A tile metal roof is an imitation of popular tile roofs. Although this type of metal roof looks very similar to tile roofs, it has many differences. A tile metal roof is installed with huge sheets, which can significantly reduce the number of seams and joints. The roof is much better protected from moisture and more resistant to damage than the classic tile roof because of this difference.

Another plus is that the metal tile roof is made of thin metal sheets which are very light. This reduces the weight of the roof and reduces the load on the supports of the house. Tiled metal roofs can be made in a variety of colors to mimic any shade of a classic tile roof. This coating has all the modern advantages, leaving an external resemblance to the roofs of the classical style.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing is gaining more and more popular among homeowners every year. They have an exceptional appearance with smooth parallel lines descending along the slope of the roof. They are great for both modern design homes and classic style homes.

This type of metal roofing has gained fame due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. The absence of open connections allows homeowners to forget about repairs for many years.

Profiled Sheet Roof

Profiled metal roofing has been around for decades. This type of roof covering was originally used only for industrial and commercial buildings. This was due to their strength and durability. At that time, profiled sheets were not used for residential houses due to their unattractiveness.

The look of profiled metal roofs has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Nowadays, many types of this coating differ in appearance and are intended for use in residential metal roofing. This coating is distinguished by high-class strength and durability but is easier to install than other types of metal roofs. The price of such a roof will be slightly lower because of this.

Residential sheet metal roofing

Benefits of Residential Metal Roofing

All types of metal roofs for residential homes used for private houses have their differences. Nevertheless, they all have a large number of advantages over other types of roofing systems. Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages of metal roofs.

Tired of having to repair your tile roof after a cold winter every one or two years? Then it’s worth considering the new solutions that metal roofing for residential houses provides. Resistant material with many advantages and which can only be damaged by dropping something heavy on it.

Metal roofs come in many different shapes as we have discussed before. In addition to this, their color depends on the paint that covers them. For these reasons, metal roofs are compatible with almost all modern styles of architecture. This allows homeowners to choose the perfect option for their homes.

Fire resistance is the indisputable advantage of metal roofs. We always believe in the best, but the opportunity to protect your home is never superfluous. The melting point of the metal is very high and it will not be damaged by burning objects that can get on your roof.

The method of fastening metal roofs allows you to install them on roofs of any complexity. These can be houses with very low and very high roof pitches. They can also be installed on the roof of any shape because the metal sheets are quite thin. However, high-quality installation of metal roofs is a very difficult job and should be entrusted to professionals.

Canada has always been famous for its abundance of wildlife, even in residential areas of cities. But don’t forget that they can damage the outside of your home. Raccoons sharpening claws on the wooden finish of your walls, or rodents running on your roof can easily spoil the appearance of your home. Metal coatings are resistant to such damage.

We all care about the environment. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly materials in building a house is very important. The metals from which the metal sheets are made don’t contain lead and mercury, therefore they will not have a negative impact on your health. They are also 100% recyclable and do not require disposal.

Metal roofs will reduce your energy costs by up to 20%. This is because they tend to reflect direct sunlight and avoid overheating at home on hot summer days. A high-quality insulating layer will protect the warmth of the house during cold weather.

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Metal Roof Installation Over Old Roof

Metal roofs are much lighter than other coatings and make it possible to install them over the old roof. The residential metal roof installation can be made over the old shingle roof because they are much lighter than other coatings. This feature allows you to reduce the cost of demolition of an old roof, and this is not a small amount. There are obligatory steps for this type of installation.

Since the old roof remains, it is necessary to install ventilation, to avoid the formation of mold and rot. Such a process will not be difficult, because ventilation systems are easily attached to metal roofs. They come in different forms and types, so this will not spoil the appearance of the new roof of your house, but may even give it a unique aesthetic.

Metal roofs for residential homes

What’s Trending in Residential Metal Roofing

For a long time, roofs of this type were used only for Сommercial Metal Roofing  because of their quality and practicality. But every year they began to gain more and more popularity in private homes. What is the reason for this? When you make repairs in the house, appearance is of great importance. So, manufacturers of materials for metal roofs have developed many forms and types of profiles.

The metal is very flexible and allows you to realize any design ideas. Don’t forget that these roofs can be of any color, which will help to give exclusivity to your home, and for example, look externally as if it was made of ceramic tiles. Based on this, the appearance and shape of the roof are limited only by your imagination. As a result, the possibility of uniqueness is so attractive to an increasing number of people who want something new.

Entrust the Work to Professionals

One of the most important advantages of residential steel roofing is its strength, durability, and low maintenance. However, to obtain them, high-quality materials and proper installation of the roof are required in compliance with all norms and rules. Choosing a metal roof for your home, you should entrust its installation to specialists.

Monarchy Roofing Company has been installing metal roofs of any complexity for over 10 years. Our main principles are the quality of roof installation and an individual approach to each client. This allows us to guarantee a long service life for each metal roof.

You can order a free estimate by phone or by filling out a short form. Our staff will discuss all the details with you and suggest the best solution for your home. Our task is to help each client get a high-quality and beautiful roof for their home, which will last for decades.

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Monarchy Roofing is the best company for the solution of metal roof installation. Great professionals and metal roofing specialists. Thank you for the productive cooperation. Highly recommending them!
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Thanks to this residential metal roofing company. We were building a new home and needed a professional metal roofing company to come on a very short notice to waterproof the roof and protect the plywood as the weather was getting bad. Kevin responded very quickly and sent the crew to install waterproofing membrane on our roof before the storm. Few days later guys came back and install the metal roof. My new house is now protected and I am ready to start the work inside. Was surprised by the speed and quality of the works done with metal roof and productive cooperation. Thanks!!
Cedric Cantrell
Good metal roofing services were hard to find in my area. A colleague have recommending this company and they have helped us very fast with a steel roofing installation. Next, I am going to order their service again for my parent’s house. Thank you!
Daniel Shaw
I have ordered the service from this Metal roofing company and have been very satisfied with the job of real professional that work there. The roof was installed as per schedule and looks amazing
Sam Barker
We got several quotes for a metal rof installation. after meeting with Kevin and visiting their show room its was clear that they offer the best value with high quality product and fair price. the job was done on time and we are very satisfied with the work and the whole experience with the company. Highly recommend.
Volodymyr Senyuk
We had a roofing service for our cottage houses - the main house and the guest house. The work was done quickly and efficiently, the roofs are very nice. I highly recommend this company and I am just worried that we don't have any more houses that require their service))
Natasha Suvorova
We checked with few companies for metal roofing, and found Monarchy to be the best choice for quality., Monarchy was also the best for price and clarity. Monarchy has a great quoting system. We filled in our address on their website, and Manager Kevin emailed us an itemized exact quote, with drawings & measurements of our roof informed by satellite data. Kevin visited in person and answered all our questions. Even after the visit I had few more questions and he answered patiently & satisfactorily. Kevin is approachable, responsive, knowledgeable & efficient. The install happened sooner than estimated, and finished as mentioned. The installers Vadim & his team were very hardworking, conscientious, polite & skilled and detailed their work beautifully. They also took care of adding mesh for squirrel protection and caulking where required. They cleaned everything on site. we would strongly recommend Monarchy Metal Roofing. We are very happy with our New Metal Roof Monarchy's response & resolution, as they provided a 10yr warranty on Installation & 30yrs warranty on the Metal roof material.
Manju Chheda
We did a lot of research on metal roofing, and found Monarchy to be the best choice for quality. When we got quotes from 4 companies, Monarchy was also the best for price and clarity. Monarchy has a great quoting system. We filled in our address on their website, and manager Kevin emailed us an itemized exact quote, with drawings & measurements of our roof informed by satellite data. In his subsequent site visit, Kevin verified the numbers in the quote (which were correct) and answered all our questions. Kevin is approachable, responsive, knowledgeable & efficient. The install happened sooner than estimated, and finished earlier than scheduled. The installers were very conscientious, polite, skilled & hardworking, and detailed their work beautifully. They also took down & hauled away our expired satellite dish at no charge. The final look is even better than expected! If any problems arise with the new roof, this review will be updated to reflect Monarchy's response & resolution, as they provided a 10yr warranty on labour & 50yr manufacturer warranty on the materials & coating we chose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, residential metal roofing is an excellent option for homes. It offers durability, longevity, and a sleek appearance. Metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions, provide energy efficiency, and require minimal maintenance, making them a popular choice for residential properties.

A residential metal roof can last between 40 to 70 years, depending on the specific type of metal used and the quality of installation. Metal roofs outperform many other roofing materials in terms of longevity, making them a wise investment for homeowners.

In most cases, a residential metal roof can be installed over an existing roof. This process, known as retrofitting, can save time and money compared to a complete roof replacement. However, it's crucial to consult with a professional roofer to assess the condition of the existing roof and determine if it can support the additional weight of the metal roofing system.

No, residential metal roofs are not noisy during rainfall. Modern installation techniques, including solid roof decking and insulation, minimize noise concerns. Additionally, the attic space and insulation further absorb sound, ensuring a peaceful environment inside your home, even during heavy rain.

Yes, there is a wide range of styles and colors available for residential metal roofs. Manufacturers offer various metal roofing profiles, such as standing seam, corrugated panels, and metal shingles, allowing homeowners to choose a style that complements their home's architecture. Additionally, metal roofs are available in numerous colors, enabling customization to match personal preferences and enhance curb appeal.

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