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Residential Metal Roofing

Every day more and more homeowners choose metal roofs for their residential houses. This is primarily due to their reliability and long service life. These roofs can be made from different types of metal, such as steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. And each of them has own characteristics. For example, steel is stronger than aluminum, but this roof will be heavier.

Nowadays, metal sheets for roofs are made in different styles and sizes. This is done to give your home a special look. Residential metal roof may look like tiled, due to the shape and color of the sheets, which will give your home an old-style. And it can be wavy or even completely flat to embody any design decision. This huge selection of colors and forms allows you unlimited your imagination, and build the house that you always dreamed about.

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Metal Roof Installation Over Old Roof

Metal roofs are much lighter than other coatings and make it possible to install them over the old roof. This feature allows you to reduce the cost of demolition old roof, and this is not a small amount. There are obligatory steps for this type of installation. Since the old roof remains, it is necessary to install ventilation, in order to avoid the formation of mold and rot. But such a process will not be difficult, because ventilation systems are easily attached to metal roofs. They come in different forms and types, so that this will not spoil the appearance of the new roof of your house, but may even give it a unique aesthetic.

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What’s Trending in Residential Metal Roofing

For a long time, metal roofs were used only for commercial premises because of their quality and practicality. But every year they began to gain more and more popularity in private homes. What is the reason for this? When you make repairs in the house, appearance is of great importance. So, manufacturers of materials for metal roofs have developed many forms and types of profiles. The metal is very flexible and allows you to realize any design ideas. Don’t forget that these roofs can be of any color, which will help to give exclusivity to your home, and for example, look externally as if it was made of ceramic tiles. Based on this, the appearance and shape of the roof are limited only by your imagination. As a result, the possibility of uniqueness is so attractive to an increasing number of people who want something new.

Benefits of Residential Metal Roofing

 Lifespan for Metal Roofs

House building or repairing is a time-consuming and costly process. Therefore, one of the important factors why metal roofs have become popular is their lifespan. They easily tolerate bad weather conditions and will last you 50 years, which is impossible for other types of coverage.

Maintenance Requirements

Tired of having to repair your tile roof after a cold winter every one or two years? Then it’s worth considering the new solutions that metal roofing for residential houses provides. Resistant material with many advantages and which can only be damaged by dropping something heavy on it.

Fire Safety

Fire resistance is the indisputable advantage of metal roofs. We always believe in the best, but the opportunity to protect your home is never superfluous. The melting point of the metal is very high and it will not be damaged by burning objects that can get on your roof.

Animal Damage Resistance

Canada has always been famous for its abundance of wildlife, even in residential areas of cities. But don’t forget that they can damage the outside of your home. Raccoons sharpening claws on the wooden finish of your walls, or rodents running on your roof can easily spoil the appearance of your home. Metal coatings are resistant to such damage.

Environmentally Friendly

We all care about the environment. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly materials in building a house is very important. The metals from which the metal sheets are made don’t contain lead and mercury, therefore they will not have a negative impact on your health. They are also 100% recyclable and do not require disposal.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofs will reduce your energy costs by up to 40%. This is due to the fact that they tend to reflect direct sunlight and avoid overheating at home in hot summer days. A high-quality insulating layer will protect the warmth of the house during cold weather.

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