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Metal Roofing Services

custom metal roofing

The Environment

We always ensure that our products are environmentally complaint

custom metal roofing


Our talented team has years of experience with custom metal roofing

custom metal roofing

Always On Time

We make sure your custom metal roofing is installed right and on time

custom metal roofing

Great Value

Our metal roofing options offer amazing value compared to traditional roofing

The Leaders in Metal Roofing Services

You will see a wide variety of metal roofing services presented on our website such as profiles, colours and coatings. Contact us for availability and/or to request a custom order.
metal roofing services

We Are Here To Serve You!

Our sales representatives will guide you through our product catalog and provide you the consultations to choose the best product that fits your needs.

Renovating Old Roofing

If the time has come to replace your old roof, look no further. Our Finish-made metal roofs are know for their durability. We guarantee top quality product that has been tested by decades of harsh Nordic environment.

With our metal roofing systems installation is fast and easy. Another big advantage of the metal roof is that it can be installed over an existing roof, without spending unnecessary money to remove your old shingles.

Chose between two options:

  • Install it Yourself

    You can install your new metal roof using our detailed installation guide.

  • Let Us Do It

    Let our experienced installers handle everything and do what they do best – provide you with the perfect roof for your home.

Why Renovate?

Does your home look outdated?
Does your roof need maintenance?
Does your roof leak or gather moisture?
Want to improve the insulation?
Is your roof unsafe?
Want to add value to your home?

Building New Metal Roofing

The type of roof you select will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your house. From our metal roof selection you will find the perfect solution for you home. Additionally, you will have a piece of mind knowing you have the First Class product and enjoy the quality and durability of your new roof for the next 50 years. Build your new home that will last you decades, continue to look great year after year and withstand any harsh climate Mother Nature could bring.

metal tile roofing services

Metal Roofing Project Process


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We Do Final Clean-up


Final Inspection

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