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A good house is impossible without a good roof. Metal tile is a universal roofing material made of steel with a double-sided protective and decorative polymer coating, which recently went into production, but has already managed to gain a leading position in the market of roofing materials, due to a combination of high quality and reliability. Monarchy Roofing has been providing metal roof installation services for many years, earning the trust of its customers.

Latest Metal Roofing Richmond Hill Projects

All about Metal Sheets

For the production of metal tiles, high-tech modern equipment is used, which guarantees constant quality control of products. Metal roofing materials, developed and tested in different climates, are perfect for the difficult climatic conditions of our country. More and more homeowners are choosing metal roofs at Richmond Hill.

Quality Metal Roofing Services

Roofing is one of the most important stages in the construction of both a private house and any industrial structure. For high-quality performance of work and further trouble-free operation of the roof, it is very important to adhere to the technology of laying the roofing material. Qualified installation of metal tiles provides for the observance of elementary rules, as well as the presence of an experienced roofing team that can complete the work efficiently and on time. To calculate the cost of performing roofing work on the installation of metal tiles, just call us or send the email.

Personal Approach for any Project

Our company has been installing metal roofing in Richmond Hill for several years. An individual architectural solution is developed for each object, taking into account all factors. Monarchy Roofing company provides a guarantee of the full implementation of all contractual services at the best level. We guarantee full compliance with the final result with your requirements. Using high-quality building materials will make your roof reliable and durable.

Facts about Metal Roofing

Fire Protection

Resistance to fire is far from a new idea in the structure of roofs and this, no other coating material can be compared with metal roofs. Steel, like other metals, does not burn or even smolder, which gives them complete protection against open fire, allowing you to protect your home in the event of a fire outside the building.

Maximum Shedding of Rain and Snow

The metal tiles are used for roofs with a slope of at least 12 degrees, choosing from a variety of profiles a profile of a suitable geometric shape. The surface texture of metal sheets contributes to the Maximum shedding of rain and snow, which will allow precipitation not to accumulate on the roof of your house and without creating an excessive load on its structure.

Good for all Seasons and Climates

High-quality metal tiles are well protected from corrosion, resistant to aggressive environmental influences and can be used in any climate. If necessary, the roofing is easy to repair or update. Metal Roof is quite durable and can withstand snow and wind loads. These qualities are very handy for the harsh Canadian climate.


Metal roofs strike with a variety of profile shapes. Various design ideas can be realized with the help of different texture surfaces: matte, glossy, embossed, metallic. The color palette is also very diverse and expressive. A roof made of metal tiles looks rich and expressive, it can become an ornament of any building.


Commercial Metal Roofing Works in Richmond Hill

Metal roofing is the most preferred choice for commercial buildings because it is long-lasting (has a life span of 50 or more years) and is highly cost-effective when compared to other roofing materials in the long run. Metal roofs are fire-resistant.If you operate a commercial or industrial warehouse…

How to Choose Metal Roofing Contractor in Richmond Hill

Metal roof installation requires the expertise of an experienced commercial roofing contractor. Metal roofing is especially sensitive to thermal expansion. And being a complex system metal roof, it requires careful craftsmanship. The design feature in the standing seam roof limits the water infiltration that can destroy…

Metal Roofing Richmond Hill Reviews

I decided to make a reconstruction of my store, and the first thing that arose was the question of what material to cover the roof. I turned to your experts on the advice of friends and did not fail. The installation of the metal roof was carried out clearly, without comment. Colds are already coming, and the room is warm, the heated air does not leave through the roof. So I was pleased with your services, I will now recommend it to my clients myself.

Metal Roofing Richmond Hill Reviews

I contacted Monarchy Roofing about a year ago, but, to be honest, there were certain concerns after the collaboration. How else, because the roof was done very quickly, but all the experiences were in vain – months passed, but no problems with metal roofing were noticed. I am very glad that I chose you! In principle, this is exactly how everyone should work so that there are no complaints.

Metal Roofing Richmond Hill Reviews

When I needed to renovate a roof, I accidentally typed in a search on the Internet and went to this site. By calling the number I found out the details and made an appointment. I did not regret it at all, the workers turned out to be professionals in the installation of steel roofing, I especially want to note that they do it neatly, quickly and efficiently. I recommend everyone a harmonious and responsible team of Monarchy Roofing.

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