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Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Metal roofs are gaining more and more popularity every year. Such a jump is due to the many positive aspects that this type of roofing has.

Metal roofs are highly durable, long-lasting, and save homeowners the hassle of annual repairs. Their physical properties also affect the microclimate inside the house and reduce energy costs. An important feature is also a huge selection of roof styles and colors. This will allow any homeowner to pick up something individual.

Such positive features appeal to many people. Metal roofs also have disadvantages, like any other coatings. We will analyze metal roofing pros and cons in detail and help you decide in which cases this roof will be the best solution for your home.

Metal Roofing Pros

metal roof pros

There are more and more private houses with metal roofs in the vicinity of Toronto and nearby cities. The increase in demand for this material primarily depends on the pronounced advantages. Let’s consider the most significant of them in more detail.

Another often noted advantage of metal roofs is their service life. It averages a record 40 - 70 years in comparison with other types of coatings. For example, the average service life of asphalt roofs is only 12-15 years. Such a long lifespan will allow you to forget about replacing the roof for a very long time. The term of some types of a metal roof can be extended up to 100 years if properly cared for. Detailed information about the lifespan of metal roofs can be found in this article.

Every homeowner knows that minor roof repairs have to be done every year. This can be quite costly and requires you to put in the time. Metal roofs rarely need maintenance due to their high strength. Special polymer coatings allow the metal roof to retain its original appearance for a long time.

The weight of the installed roof plays an important role in the design of the house. It will be necessary to significantly strengthen the load-bearing walls if the weight of the roof is very large. Metal roofs are quite thin despite their strength. This allows them to be much lighter than options such as shingles or tile roofs.

The lightweight material has a positive effect on the speed of roof installation. Our experienced staff can install a standard 2000 sq ft metal roof in a matter of days. This feature allows you to significantly save on the cost of installing the roof.

The light weight of metal roofs makes it possible to install them without demolition of the old asphalt shingle roof. This installation option will be an excellent solution for houses with an old asphalt roof. You will immediately receive several advantages in the case of such a roof installation.

No need to dismantle the old roof. You save time spent by workers by installing a metal roof on top of an existing one. Both of these advantages significantly affect the cost of roof replacement.

It is worth noting that the abandoned old roof will not be useless. It will act as an additional protective layer that will not let moisture and cold air through. It is necessary to inspect the old roof before such installation. Details about installing a metal roof over the existing roof.

The appearance of a home is of great importance to every homeowner. Many roof systems have only one shape and a small number of colors. This significantly narrows the choice for the owner. In the case of metal roofs, you do not have to limit yourself.

Steel roofs come in many styles and colors. They can mimic the shape of traditional tiled roofs and come in many exclusive styles. You can also choose the color of the roof from a huge palette of paints, which in turn are an additional protective layer against corrosion. This will allow you to create a roof that matches the overall style of the house.

It is also worth thinking about safety when choosing a roof. Metal roofs have the highest class of fire resistance that will secure the house. Steel does not burn and this will keep the house from catching fire if a flame gets on it.

Protection from environmental pollution plays an important role in the modern world. The good news for all concerned homeowners is the fact that metal roofing is 100% recyclable. A metal roof can be completely recycled even if it lasts 50 years or more.

It is worth paying attention to such a parameter as energy efficiency when choosing a roof covering for your house. Light metal roofs reflect the rays of sunlight during the hot season. This allows the roof to not overheat and not heat the air inside the rooms. Energy-efficient metal roofs will allow you to save on electricity consumed by the cooling system.

If you choose a dark-colored roof, it will attract the sun's rays and help save on heating costs in the winter. Canadian winters are cold enough that many homeowners opt for dark-colored metal roofs. They will not cause discomfort even in summer. Metal roofs are very thin and steel cools very quickly.

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Cons of Metal Roofs

Although metal roofs have many advantages over other types of roofing, they also have their drawbacks. It is worth weighing the pros and cons when choosing the material from which the roof of the house will be made. Let’s take a closer look at what disadvantages you may encounter when choosing a metal roof for your home.

One of the obvious disadvantages is the complexity of installing this type of roofing systems. It is necessary to carry out careful measurements and a preparatory stage before a high-quality installation of a metal roof.

The second difficulty in installation is that the installation must be carried out by several people at once. Gaps may remain if the profiles are not installed correctly. They will lead to leaks and rapid deterioration of the roofing system.

The installation of a metal roof must be done by professionals. This will allow you to be sure that the money spent will give the desired result and the house will be protected for many years.

Metal roofs have a very high strength, which allows them to withstand heavy loads. Steel profiles are quite thin and therefore can be bent under heavy load.

For this to happen, you need a strong impact and you are unlikely to encounter this. For example, the fall of a huge tree branch on the roof of your house. Sheets of a metal roof can be repaired even with such damage if holes have not formed in them.

Repairing the roof will be quite difficult to do on your own. This is due to the fastening of the roof parts and the volumetric dimensions of the profiles. This work may require special equipment and professional skills that homeowners do not possess.

You can independently replace storm drains and other small items. It is worth contacting professionals for a complete roof repair. Monarchy Roofing performs quality roof installation and replacement of damaged parts. You will receive a long-term guarantee by contacting professionals, which will testify to the quality of the work done.

Metal roofs are very often installed at a high pitch. They are quite slippery and this makes it difficult to move on them. You can install additional equipment on a metal roof to get rid of this drawback.

They install special stairs and bridges for more convenient access to the metal roof. The ladder helps to climb to the roof and the bridges are used to move on it. This is a very convenient option for cleaning the roof of leaves in the spring.

Are Metal Roofing Pros and Cons the Same for Different Types?

Metal roofs are quite a popular covering and over the years there have been many types of them. They differ in shape, type of fastening, and metal used. The basic metal roofing pros and cons will be about the same for all types of coverage. These include strength, durability, light weight, and others.

Different types of metal roofs can have a fairly strong difference when compared with each other. For example, aluminum roofs never rust due to the natural properties of the metal. Standing seam metal roofs are more durable due to the type of fastening, making them the best option for areas with a lot of snow in winter.

When Should Choose a Metal Roof?

Based on metal roofing pros and cons, it can be understood that this type of coating is focused on the long life of the house. This allows homeowners to forget about the need to repair and replace the roof for many years. Choosing a metal roof will be a great solution for those who plan to live in their home for at least 15 years.

If you’re planning to sell your home sometime later, that’s no reason to ditch a metal roof in favor of other cheaper roofing options. A well-made metal roof will significantly increase the value of your home. Many banks are more willing to provide a loan for a house with a metal roof. This is due to its strength and increased security. This will make it easier to find a buyer for the home.

How a Metal Roof will Look on a House?

Metal roofs come in many varieties, making them a great option for many homes. Now modernism is in fashion and a stylish metal roof will come in handy. More and more gadgets and innovative technologies appear in modern homes and some of them are located on the roof.

It can be solar panels or a satellite internet receiver. These elements are easily attached to a metal roof and look aesthetically pleasing.

Monarchy Roofing advises using tile metal roofs for lovers of age-old classics. They imitate classic tiles and the palette of colors will allow you to choose the desired color for the future roof. Do not deprive yourself of modern solutions for the convenience and protection of the house, wanting to keep the classics.

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