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Metal Roofing Instalation Process

Metal Roofing Instalation Process

Disputes about the effectiveness of asphalt and metal roofing are very common. Monarchy roofing company install roof with high protective qualities that prevent the flow of moisture and are resistant to weather negative factors. The use of a roof made of metal sheets is observed both in the construction of residential houses and industrial real estate.

Roofs made of metal are distinguished by high technical and operational qualities. However, in order to achieve the declared characteristics of the roofing, the technology and installation principles of the metal tile should be followed.

Select Roofing Material

One of the important thing in metal roofing its selecting current material. In order to choose a coating taking into account specific requirements, it is necessary to understand the properties of each material on the market.

An important criterion is also the type of their polymer spraying, which provides reliable protection of the metal from corrosion. This coating is resistant to UV rays, temperature fluctuations, and mechanical damage.

In most cases, the metal roof is erected from galvanized steel. In the manufacturing process, the base of the roofing steel is treated with zinc to prevent corrosion.

Various types of popular roofing are made from it, such as metal tiles or curved metal sheets. They can often be seen on the roofs of shopping centers, private houses, and cafes.

Such a roof is quickly mounted, does not cause difficulties during transportation, has a wide variety of color shades, as well as long service life. It is also possible to use other metals like copper, aluminum, zinc.

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Take the Measurements

Before starting installation work, special attention is paid to preparatory work, such as drawing up a plan and calculations.

It is very important to calculate the angle of the roof, the length of the required sheets and much more.

After this stage, forming understanding about the number of necessary materials and the sequence of work for the implementation of this project.

Remove the Old Shingles

Metal sheets can be used for laying a new roof for the renovation of an old one. They are lightweight, convenient and easy to install. Metal sheets can be used with ease to replace any, even the most worn-out roof.

Important that the metal profile can be laid on top of the existing roof. This is a laborious process requiring a lot of physical effort. Our professionals have a lot of experience in this field and can do this work without losing metal roofing quality.

Add Insulation Materials

Insulation of the metal roof stabilizes the temperature in the house. Since metal conducts heat very easily, it is imperative to install an insulating layer during the construction of metal roofs.

Well-Installed insulation helps keep your home cool on a hot summer day and also helps keep you warm in the cold season. In addition to controlling flow, insulation helps with noise during rain and hail. For metal in the form of an insulating material, fiberglass batts are used.

Fiberglass consists of thin threadlike pieces mixed with other synthetic materials that are tightly woven together to form a thick insulating pad. This is a versatile material that is easy to work with and give it any shape.

Glass fiber fragments can be dangerous and should be hired by professionals.

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Install Metal Roof Edging

Metal roof edging is installed to protect against the penetration of water on the sides and bottom of the roof. They are also made of galvanized steel and come in different shapes and sizes. In addition to their basic functions, they can give your home an exceptional look.

Install Metal Roofing Panels

During the installation of metal panels, you need to make sure that you install them evenly. They should go straight from the top of the roof to the cornice.

It is very important to avoid tilting, as this will subsequently affect all panels and the coating will be installed with distortion.

The panels are attached to the deck and are interconnected with special screws. And according to how many sizes were initially calculated, and the panels are made to the required size, there may remain areas that will not be covered with metal sheets.

In the installation of metal roofs there are a lot of details that our professionals know about. If you want that all the work to be done efficiently and the roof will serve you for many years, it is worth entrusting this work to our company.

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Placing the Vent and Flashing

Ventilation is a very important part in installing metal roofs. It is used both for ventilation of the house itself and for the space between the roof layers. Ventilation helps to prevent the formation of rot and mold on the roof deck.

The roof is mounted as a solid surface, and the places where there will be ventilation are the most vulnerable to the flow of water after rain and snow. One way to avoid this is roof flashings. They are made of thin metal, usually galvanized steel, which professional roofers use to divert water from critical areas onto roofs.

These areas include roof windows, vents, chimneys. Flashings are installed so that water flows down them directly onto metal sheets, without the possibility of falling onto roof decks.

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