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How to Choose Metal Roof Colors and Styles

The popularity of metal roofs is growing every year. This is due to their unsurpassed qualities and very long service life. This was the reason for the development of this coating and the emergence of many variations. They differ in style, fastening method, type of metal, and other details.

Let’s take a closer look at these variations so as not to get lost in this number of metal roof colors and styles. This will allow you to decide on the choice of a metal roof that will perfectly match your home in style. The most popular of them are standing seam, tile, and profiled metal roofs.

Metal Roof Styles

Metal Roof Styles

Modern metal roofs come in many shapes and colors. The growing popularity of this coating motivates manufacturers to create new forms that will appeal to many homeowners. You can find a nice alternative in the range of metal roof styles even if you are used to a tiled or wooden roof.

The metal tile is steel wavy sheets. It looks like a natural tile, especially if you give it the appropriate tile red color. Tile sheets roof is used in many styles of classic houses.

Tile sheets roofs differ in the shape of the curve. This allows you to choose a pattern that will perfectly fit the house. The main feature of tile sheets made of metal is the possibility of installing a roof under a high roof pitch. This opens up the possibility of using a beautiful tile pattern on high roofs.

Profiled metal roofs were the very first type of metal roofing. They have silvery metallic hues and are undulating along the entire roof. This type of metal roof is often used for commercial and warehouse buildings. This is due to the ease of installation and price of the roof. Nevertheless, it perfectly performs its protective functions and will last for many years without repair.

For private houses, special profiled metal sheets are used. They look more aesthetically pleasing and are used in many styles of modern homes. You can create an exclusive look in industrial style by working on the design of the house and roof.

Metal shingles are an imitation of another type of roofing like tile sheets. In this case, they imitate roofs made of wooden or stone shingles. They are very aesthetically pleasing and can be made in many different shapes and colors. This allows you to choose the type of roof that suits the style of the house.

Metal shingles are solid sheets, unlike simulated materials, which affect the number of joints between them. The roof looks integral with almost imperceptible elements of connections.

Such a roof can be installed on houses of different styles, depending on the chosen texture and color. Versatility in use is inherent in almost all styles of metal roofs.

One of the main differences in the style of zinc metal roofs is the bluish tint inherent in this metal. This exclusive feature allows the zinc roof to blend in perfectly with a variety of wall finishes.

It will look beautiful in combination with brick, wood, metal, and other walls. It is suitable for houses in which there are many stained glass windows due to its light color. Zinc roofs do not have their exclusive forms. They are usually made as a standing seam or profiled zinc roofs.

Aluminum is another type of metal from which metal roofs are made. Aluminum is very ductile and is used to make all possible forms of metal roofs. A distinctive feature of such roofs is their silver color, which shines in the sun.

Such a roof will be an excellent solution for those who love bright houses. The color of aluminum goes well with light-painted walls complementing them. For private houses, standing seam aluminum roofs are usually used. The connecting seams of such a roof contrast with the light color of the metal, allowing you to create a beautiful pattern.

Copper roofs in most cases are a work of art. This material has been used for several centuries to decorate beautiful cathedrals, churches, and other important buildings. Copper can take on any shape due to its malleability to deformation. This allows roofs of any complex shape to be coated with copper.

Another distinguishing factor for copper roofs is their color. Its golden-pink color immediately stands out against the background of other roofs. Copper roofs are combined with light and dark walls made of various finishing materials, which allows you to install them on almost all houses.

The downside of this roof is its price. Installing such a roof can cost you $30,000 - $40,000. However, a copper roof is the most durable and can last up to 100 years. Copper can begin to oxidize after 40-50 years and the roof will take on a blue-green tint that can be seen on older buildings.

How to decide on the choices in such a huge number of metal roof colors and styles? The best solution would be to consult with the company that will install the roof. The Monarchy Roofing company provides free estimates on which we can evaluate the upcoming work. We will also provide information on which of the styles of a metal roof will be the best solution for your home.

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Popular Metal Roof Colors

The meaning of color is very interconnected with the place where the house is being built. It is preferable to choose dark colors for roofs in cooler areas. Dark colors attract the sun’s rays better and a house with a dark roof will heat up faster. The situation is the opposite if the house is being built in warm regions. A heated house is completely useless if it’s already hot outside. You want to feel at least some coolness in the house, and a light-colored roof can help with this.

It should be remembered that any material burns out over time. No matter how rich and bright the color is, it will fade over time. Dark shades of brown, blue, or black are not advised to be used in regions where the sun is burning.

The color of the roof should be combined with the facade of the house and a certain style. Take a closer look at the tile red color if the house is in a classic European style. Modern modular homes are more suitable for black roofs or dark shades. You can also consult a designer to choose a color or look at pictures of similar houses on the Internet.

Metal Roof Colors

Chocolate brown is one of the most popular metal roof colors in Toronto. It attracts heat well, which is a definite plus in winter. An exceptional advantage of this roof color is its compatibility. The dark brown color of the roof looks great on both modern and classic houses.

The most common use of chocolate brown is in painted or stone houses. Such a roof attracts the eye of passers-by and gives the house a luxurious look. The use of such a popular and at the same time neutral color makes it easy to sell the house if necessary.

The dark gray metal roof color is classic American style. You can find many houses with such a roof and they all look aesthetically pleasing. A neutral shade of gray allows you to combine the color of a metal roof with white, gray, and dark walls, which is almost 90% of all private houses.

This roof color will be an excellent solution in a cold region, like other dark shades. It attracts ultraviolet rays and allows you to keep warm inside the house. The pastel shade of this color will protect the paint from fading in the sun for many years. You won't have to think about painting the roof of the house for much longer than choosing a bright color.

The next popular color option is radically different from the listed dark shades. Types of red metal roofs vary in color saturation. To draw attention to the house using a bright red color. Such a roof will be noticeable for half a block.

Darker tones of red express calmness and prosperity. They can be seen in classic Victorian houses. The moderate luxury and mystery of the dark red shades of the roof give the house exclusivity. This is especially noticeable in autumn when the leaves of the trees change their color.

The red roof perfectly hides small defects and scratches. Such a roof must be painted once every ten years to maintain its original color.

Tile red color is a great solution for clay tile roof fans. This color is usually used for tile metal roofs so that this type of coating is practically indistinguishable from the classic tile version. This roof color is used in European-style houses.

The color of these roofs is quite bright and this is a great way to repel the sun's rays and keep the metal roof from heating up. This is one of the best roof colors for homes located in hot climates. This color is used in Canada only for beauty and style.

Bright shades of this roof color quickly fade in the sun. Roofs in tile red color need frequent painting - every 4-5 years. This is not a standard color and may make it difficult to resell the home.

It is worth considering whether you want to sell it in the future choosing the color of the roof as well. Choose the most neutral color if possible. This will make it much easier for you to find a buyer and not have to deal with a price drop due to an unusual look.

Metal Roof Colors and Styles vs Other Materials

Style plays an important role in choosing the material for the future roof of the house. The selected material significantly affects how the entire exterior will look. Most materials such as asphalt, shingles, and others do not have much variation in their range of styles and colors. Their shape and texture are almost always the same.

You get rid of these restrictions when choosing a metal roof for the home and you can choose from a variety of styles. There is a suitable metal roof style for every home. You will have access to flat standing seam and profiled metal sheets or relief analogs imitating tiles.

Do not forget about the possibility of choosing the color of the roof from a huge palette. It’s safe to say that metal roof colors and styles are more flexible and varied than their competitors. You can fulfill all aesthetic fantasies by choosing a metal roof and at the same time get a quality roof for many years to come.

What do the Monarchy Roofing Professionals Recommend and Why?

It is worth knowing the features of each type of metal roof when choosing them for your home. Each of them has its characteristics and advantages. The best solution for the Canadian climate would be to install a dark-colored standing seam metal roof. This style of roof is very durable, which plays an important role in snowy winters.

This style of roof has no exposed mounts to avoid leaking. If you want to install tile sheets steel roof, then you should think about installing additional snow stoppers.

The Monarchy Roofing company recommends darker roof tones. They retain heat better in the cold season. Another plus would be less visibility of minor damage to the roof and debris. For those who want their house to stand out from the rest, you can consider the option of a tile red roof color. It is great for tile sheets and will add a touch of flair to your home.

Seek advice from Monarchy Roofing experts. During the estimate, we will be able to give you advice on what type of metal roof to use on your home. The conclusion will be based on your wishes and the features of the house.

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