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Materials used in metal roofing

Metal roofing includes many materials used and each has its distinctive features

When considering metal roofing, there are varieties of materials to choose from and each material has its distinctive features. These materials include steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, and seldomly tin. Choosing these materials to depend on many factors because all these materials have distinctive features and some have advantages over others when factors such as cost of installation, weight, availability, speed, and ease of installation, lifespan, conductivity, fire resistivity, ductility, level of noise, among others are put into consideration. Despite the minimal disadvantages of metal roofing, they are still better choices compared to other types of roofing materials such as wood, asphalt, etc.

Steel Roofing – Pros & Cons

  • Steel is advantageous when compared to other metal roofing materials. It is less expensive than other metals
  • It is easily accessible and it can be easily recycled, therefore, it is considered Green
  • Steel is one of the hardest metals, therefore, it is a preferred choice for regions with harsh weather conditions
  • It requires less maintenance
  • Steel roofs could be noisy, therefore, other layers of installation are needed to reduce the noise thereby raising the overall cost of installation
  • It needs to be painted regularly because of its low corrosion resistance especially in seaside
  • It is more difficult to install because of its heavyweight

Aluminum Roofing – Pros & Cons

  • The aluminum roof is power efficient as compared to other roofing material. It can help reduce your energy bill
  • Aluminum has high fire resistance compared to other roofing materials
  • It is light in weight, therefore, it is easy to install
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • They are long-lasting. They can last up to 50 to 80 years
  • Aluminum is high in quality and it is costlier than other roofing involving steel and zinc
  • It needs to be painted to improve its exterior
  • It can be noisy during a hailstorm or heavy rainfall

Copper Roofing – Pros & Cons

  • Copper is extremely durable. It can last well over two hundred years
  • They are highly recyclable; therefore, they are considered Green
  • Copper is a very soft metal thereby making it the quietest of all metal roofing
  • It is energy efficient. It helps to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Copper is extremely expensive
  • Its soft nature can be a disadvantage in regions prone to hail storms. It can easily be damaged by the hail storm
  • It tends to expand and contract with rising and fall in temperature
  • It is comparable to zinc because it also requires expert installation

Tin Roofing – Pros & Cons

  • Tin roofs have high tensile strength and they are highly durable
  • They are highly energy-efficient and sustainable. They reflect solar heat during hotter seasons and help to improve comfortability
  • They have lighter weight, therefore, they are easy to install
  • It is rarely used for roofing
  • They can easily be damaged by harsh weather conditions such as hailstorm because of their lightweight
  • It needs to be painted to improve its exterior
  • It can be noisy during a hailstorm or heavy rainfall; therefore, other layers of installation are needed to reduce the noise thereby raising the overall cost of installation

Zinc Roofing – Pros & Cons

  • Zinc is highly durable and dependable. It can last for over a hundred years
  • It requires less energy to process than it takes to process steel or copper
  • Zinc is a hundred percent recyclable and has high availability in most local markets
  • Zinc is very expensive
  • It is comparable to copper because it also requires expert installation
  • It needs to be regularly painted to improve its exterior appearance
  • If left unpainted, along with areas of water channels, it leaves an unappealing chalk residue
  • It is a soft metal, therefore, it can easily be damaged by hail storms and other harsh weather conditions

Metal roofing matterials conclusion

Generally, compared to other roofing materials, metal roofs are better choices, with steel roofs being at the top because of their high level of durability. Steel roofs have a relatively low price of installation when compared to other types of metal roofing materials. They last longer than any other roofing material, they are environmentally friendly, they are all recyclable. They can even be installed over old roofs without having to tear down the old roofs. Choosing a material for metal roofing depends on a lot of factors such as cost, durability, ease of installation, etc. Steel roofing is more commonly used and it has better productivity than the rest of the metal roofing.

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