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The Main Differences of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has many installation methods that have additional properties. If the priority is maximum quality and durability, then standing seam metal roof panels should be considered.

The main feature of standing seam metal roofing panels is the absence of open joints through which they can wear out over time. The number of types of metal panels of this type is also growing and nowadays there are already options for panels without clamps. This feature allows you to keep your roof waterproof for 20 years or more, without significant maintenance.

Each type of the standing seam roof family has its slight differences in the way of mounting and installation. For a better understanding, let’s consider the most popular ones so that you have an understanding of what is best for your needs.

Double Lock Standing Seam Panels

As the name suggests, the standing seam double lock panel system has seams that are joined twice. Installation of such a metal roof requires more effort than with one lock, but it has greater strength. It is safer and more resistant to weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind. Such a standing seam roof will protect your home well from rainfall.

Double lock standing seam metal roof can be easily installed on top of another cover without dismantling it. An important factor will be the presence of an insulating material and an air gap. This will cut some of the cost of installing a new roof covering for your home.

Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Snap lock metal roofing system is considered one of the most popular of all types of metal roofs. Such popularity is earned by the quality and long service life of the roof itself without the need for repairs.

Snap lock roof is laid in solid sheets 18 inches wide. On its different edges are the outer and inner parts of the fasteners, which are connected to other sheets. A special mechanism clamps these fasteners tightly, without the need to create holes in the roof sheet.

Due to its strong hitch, snap lock metal roofing can be installed on roofs and mansards with very steep angles. Also, in some cases, a double snap lock metal roofing system can be used for a more secure attachment. This type of roof is very difficult to install correctly and requires many years of experience and the necessary special equipment.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roof

Monarchy Roofing invites you to summarize the benefits of standing seam metal roofs so you can be sure of their effectiveness and reliability. These features allow such a coating to stand out not only among other materials but even among other options for metal roofs.

Lack of Exposed Fasteners

As you already understood, the principle of fastening with snap lock metal roofing or other variants of standing seam panels is to connect panels without using bolts or other open fasteners. This allows you not to make additional holes in the roof sheet, which is much more reliable. Over time, from moisture ingress and constant temperature changes, the bolts used in other coatings can wear out, which will lead to leaks and make the roofless durable.

In addition, many customers do not like to see bolt heads on the roof. It is believed that it does not look very aesthetically pleasing, in comparison with the flat surfaces of a standing seam roof.

Long Service Life

As with all types of metal roofs, standing seam roofs have a very long service life. A distinctive feature of other types of metal roofs is that the fastening mechanisms do not pass through the roof sheet. This feature allows you not to check for the integrity of the fasteners and the roof will last much longer without repair.

Thermal Movement of Metals

Any kind of metal expands when heated and contracts when cooled. This may be a minor problem with static-mounted roofs, but not with a standing seam metal roof.

Since the sheets of metal are joined by a seam, they can move freely in the desired direction. This will allow you not to face such problems as excessive noise or loss of fasteners. Standing seam metal roof clamps are more flexible and therefore do not suffer such damage.

Material Quality Control

Installation of a standing seam roof is a very complicated process accompanied by certain conditions. One of them is the need for very high-quality material. Because of this, the material used for a standing seam metal roof undergoes many checks.

Installed systems are also tested for high wind resistance, leaks, shock loads, and fire resistance. Because of this, the quality of the installed roof guarantees you its strength and durability.

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