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Forget about rebuilding with steel roofing in Oakville

Monarchy roofing warranties for steel roofing in Oakville:

Using high-quality materials from Europe

Monarchy roofing Inc. in Oakville uses material from the best of the best suppliers in Europe. All our steel roofing materials are supplied by SSAB. SSAB is a world-class giant supplier of steel. Their products have a track record of excellence, and they cut across many countries and continents of the world. We also work will RUKKI to supply all our metal sheet tiles. RUKKI was established in 1960 and its products have been proven to withstand the test of time, very durable and aesthetic.

Work performed by qualified personnel

The installation of the steel roof is more complex than it seems. Missing a seemingly intangible point in construction can degenerate in a very serious problem in the roof in the future. This requires the service of highly experienced and certified professionals, and this is one of the things that gives Monarchy Roofing an edge over other competitors in Oakville. All our staff and teams are certified specialists and professionals in various aspects of roofing installation. Our technicians are also certified in using our modern equipment which makes the quality of our roofing projects unbeatable and quick.

Warranty period up to 50 years

Professional roofing companies stand by their work and give some sort of warranty on every project. This is unlike an uncertified company that is only interested in the money that clients will pay. The time-tested monarchy roofing in Oakville offers our client a warranty of 50 years on every completed project and also a routine 3 – 4 years inspection over the 50 years.

The ability to quickly replace damaged parts of the roof

Just like you require the service of a profession for your steel roof installation, you require the service of a professional for steel roof repair also. Steel roofs are installed in large panels, and they are very difficult to replace. In a situation whereby you have a leaking roof or a torn roof anywhere in Oakville, the best solution is to request for the service of monarchy roofing highly certified and experienced professions. Our professionals deploy their many years of experience to find the fault in your roofing system and replace the damaged parts to blend as if no fault was amended. We also use highly sophisticated equipment to improve the quality of the job and also make the work faster.

The advantages of materials used in steel roofing:

● Steel roofs are attractive, strong, and eco-friendly. They are of many advantages to homeowners, including a few cost-effective attributes which help the homeowner to save a few monies. Some of the benefits of steel roofs include:

● Safety: Steel roofs are fire resistance. It prevents fire from spreading to your house and also insulates against sparks. Steel roofs are classified in class A noncombustible roofing material – which is the highest rating possible.

● Environmental Friendliness:  Old steel roofs contain recycled metals, and they are 100 percent recyclable.

● Save Money: Due to its reflectivity property, it reflects heat off the building, thereby saving the homeowner heating and cooling cost.

● Low maintenance: Steel roofs are highly durable. They neither shrink, crack, or warp under the effect of sunlight, humidity, or other weather conditions.

● Fast installation: Steel roof is less expensive and quicker to install, and it can even be installed on existing roofs.

● A polymer coating, otherwise known as powder coating, is the process of applying powder on a metal surface, after which a polymer surface is formed in a polymerization furnace. This is often applied to steel to improve its durability and give it impressive anti-corrosive properties.

Problems of other coatings:

● The need for seasonal roof repairs

In the event that the steel roof installation was not sufficiently protected or the installation was not done by professionals who know how to effectively install the steel roof, the homeowner will be subject to periodic or seasonal roof repairs. This will largely result from leaking, expansion, and contraction, denting, rusting, and corrosion.

● The deterioration of appearance over the years

Over time, the steel roof fades, draining its initial color into an aged and dull alternative. The color of the roof changes on time if the steel is not sufficiently protected. Corrosion and rust can quickly follow, thereby, causing the appearance of the steel to decay and it’s color to become harsh and inconsistent.

● Difficulty in partial roof replacement

Steel roofing sheets are laid in proportions over one another, and this makes it difficult for a partial replacement. The material changes color over time, and changing just a single panel will alter the aesthetic of the roof; therefore, it is better to replace the whole roofing material, most especially for commercial buildings. Also, if only a few of the sheets are replaced, when the old ones start going bad, this affects the new ones that have just been replaced by speeding up their corroding process when corroded particles from the old ones stick to the new ones.

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