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Why Everyone Chooses a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs have several advantages over other coatings. It is especially beneficial if you plan to live in this house for a long time, but even if your desires change, the installed metal roof will significantly increase the value of your home and give it a presentable modern look.

Can I Install a Metal Roof Over the Old Roof?

Yes, this is a feature of this type of coating. But it is worthwhile to understand that this should be done by professionals. The difficulty is that you need to attach a new roof to an existing deck. It is necessary to correctly calculate the length of the nails and the location of the beams under the existing coating. Monarchy Roofing company with vast experience in this field.

Is a Metal Roof Noisy when it Rains?

Many accept this assumption only because the roof is made of metal. The reason why people think so is because of the installation method that was used before and which is long outdated. Information that the metal roofs are loud is not relevant anymore.

Is Metal Roofing Easy to Install?

At first sight, the installation of steel roofs seems to be a simple fastening of metal sheets but everything is far from simple. There are many stages that are very important and affect the quality and durability of the metal roof. Therefore, if you want to get a good result for many years, then contact the professionals.

How does the Weight of a Metal Roof Compare to Other Types of Roofing?

Initially, it seems that metal roofs should be heavier, but as a rule, they are much lighter than shingles or asphalt roofs. Metal roofs weigh on average 2-3 times less than their direct competitors. Do not forget that many types of metal roofs can be installed on top of existing materials without compromising the roof structure.

What is Metal Roofing Lifespan?

Metal roof lifespan is much longer than have traditional types of coatings such as asphalt and tile. This is due to the natural features of the metal and can guarantee a life of up to 50 years. It is also worth remembering that the metal is resistant to different types of weather conditions and is great for the Canadian climate.

Will a Metal Roof Make My House Hot?

Then lighter the material from which the roof is made, then faster it cools after direct sunlight ceases to shine on it. And since metal roofs are the lightest, they cool most quickly and return to the same temperature as the surrounding air. Asphalt and ceramic roofs have a denser mass, respectively, retain heat longer. Do not forget that the longer the roofs remain hot, the more heat they transfer to the house.

What Wind Speed Can a Metal Roof Withstand?

Metal roofs are installed from solid profiles along the entire cavity of the roof. A minimum number of joints protects the roof from strong gusts of wind and damage to small parts of which, for example, a tiled roof consists. In practice, metal roofs are more resistant to hurricanes.

Will Metal Roofing Improve the Look of My Home?

Metal roofs that we install can completely change the look of your home with their huge selection of forms. They combine perfectly with different styles of houses, whether it is a country-style or a more modern side and even industrial design. You can always find the perfect variety of models that you like. And in addition, a variety of colors will suit the design of any home.

What is the Best Color of Metal Roof for Energy Savings?

Not surprisingly, the color of your roof affects energy savings. Namely, the fact that lighter colors repel solar heat more strongly than dark ones. This allows the house to heat less in hot climates and save on the use of air conditioners. But in comparison with other materials for roofs, doesn’t matter what color you choose, you will have energy savings.

Can Metal Roofing Be Used as Siding?

The use of materials for metal roofing as siding is quite applicable practice. But it is worthwhile to understand that they are developed according to their technology taking into account the objectives of the operation. While for sidings create special materials that are specifically designed for this.

Does a Metal Roof Affect WIFI?

We all understand that WIFI transmission is via radio waves and any obstacle degrades the signal. But don’t worry about the fact that you will have problems with the Internet in the house, after installing a metal roof. Modern technologies are very well developed, and a properly configured router will help to avoid problems.

Do Metal Roofs Leak?

Many people think that because of their structure, metal roofs can leak. But if the work is done correctly and at the proper level, then you will not have such problems. For example, problems can arise due to wrong driven screws, stacked flashings, and many other details that only experienced workers know about.

Do Steel Roofs Rust?

A very common question that arises for people who want to install a metal roof is whether it will rust. Roofs are made of different types of metal, but the most common are aluminum which is not subject to rust and steel. But steel is coated with a special protective zinc alloy which contributes to corrosion resistance.

How Often do Metal Roofs Need to be Painted?

Painted metal roofs retain their presentable appearance for many years. On average, they are repainted about 1 time in 10 years and this is directly related to the type of paint used, as well as its manufacturer. And if you are worried about the quality of your roof, you can always carry out an inspection by calling a specialist.

Can I Walk on a Metal Roof?

Steel roofs are very strong and stable to walking on them without damage. But do not forget that this can be dangerous, as they are quite slippery and in many cases very steep. Therefore, it is very important to remember safety measures before climbing to the roof.

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