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Choose certified metal roofing contractor in Richmond Hill

Metal roof installation requires the expertise of an experienced commercial roofing contractor. Metal roofing is especially sensitive to thermal expansion. And being a complex system metal roof, it requires careful craftsmanship. The design feature in the standing seam roof limits the water infiltration that can destroy other commercial options, both metal and otherwise. Standing seam roofs are very well regarded in the commercial roofing industry as the standard metal roof type for very large projects. While this roof generally has a long life expectancy, there are several weaknesses that can allow water penetration to sabotage that. One of the weaknesses of this metal roof style is that it is built of uncoated metal panels. Over years of being exposed to the weather elements, the metal panels that make up the roof can begin to rust and pit, a process that is exacerbated by acid rain. One downside of this type of metal roof is that it is the most tedious and, thus, generally costly.

Using High-Quality Materials

The most commonly used commercial metal roofing materials are steel or aluminum. Many steel panels are created from galvanized steel then coated with color. Some steel panels are left raw to rust for a weathered look. Copper, aluminum, and zinc balance the other basic types of metals used in metal roofing. Metal thickness of the same gauge varies slightly when compare steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are compared. Plastic cap nails 1.5 inches are used to attach the underlayment to the roof deck. They are rust-proof, light-weight, and will not wreak havoc to the underlayment, unlike regular roofing nails. A sealant that is water-tight cures fast has very strong adhesion, is needed. Utilizing DeckArmor prevents most moisture problems related to using synthetic underlayment, where the moisture is trapped between underlayment and roof deck and makes the wood rot, causes mold, mildew and might cause issues for contractors using them.

Knows How to Do This Work

Roofing is not something building owners would want to take with levity, since leaks can cause costly damage inside the building. For this sole reason, roof installation requires professional guidance. However, for simple roofs with moderate roof pitches on small homes, sheds, and workshops, a team of highly trained professionals armed with adequate knowledge and equipment can easily get the job done.

When looking to employ the skills of a roofer, one should consider looking at years of experience, past jobs, and talking with past customers. There is a need to ensure that the contractor has professional experience with your specific product of choice. If the contractor is reluctant or incapable of sharing references or to speak with you about proper installation procedures, then it might be wise to look elsewhere. Make sure to also check for proper insurances and licenses, and ascertain that the crew that will be installing your roof is the same crew that completed the installation of the jobs referenced by the contractor. An experienced contractor can help you to avoid leakages and major problems associated with roofing.

Certified metal roofing specialists

When looking for a metal roofing contractor, the following qualifications must be considered:

  • The contractor must be licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • The contractor must have had experience installing your specified type of commercial metal roof on multiple projects.
  • The contractor must be experienced in managing staged roofing projects that may require parallel tear-off and installation.
  • The contractor must have had experience working with insurance companies on damage claims

Safety must be the basic priority of and professional roof installation. Therefore, a certified metal roofing specialist must employ the use of safety equipment. The first line of action is to install an anchor on the roof. When the anchor is secured a rope is strapped on to the already worn body harness before commencing the measurement of the roof.

Invest in metal roofing with Monarchy Roofing

When you work with Monarch Roofing Inc., we offer guarantees you can depend on. We stand by our work to deliver our quality services from beginning to end, and you can easily contact us if, by chance, you ever have a problem. We offer a 25 to 50 years warranty on the majority of our materials depending on the roof you choose. Our warranties are some of the best warranties you’ll ever come across anywhere in the business. Here at Monarch Roofing Inc., we carry out extensive liability insurance, so you’re protected from anything that may happen on your property and against any poor workmanship on our part. Monarchy roofing Inc. is bonded, licensed, and insured. We have your best interest at heart.

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