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Best season for metal roofing

Finally, you have decided to take advantage of the immense benefits of metal roofing, but you are not sure about the best time of the year to schedule your metal roof installation? Fortunately, metal roofing unlike shingles does not require special precautions in cold weather so, metal roofing can be installed at any time of the year. Nevertheless, certain seasons of the year are more advantageous to homeowners and businesses for the installation of metal roofing. You will agree that the installation of a roof isn’t a one-day job. It may take a full week or more depending on the size of your project. Therefore, the best season for metal roofing is a huge consideration.

Metal roofing like any construction has different working periods

Metal roofing like any other construction has different working periods. Canada experiences a range of hot, freezing, and humid weather conditions throughout the year. This makes choosing the best time for the installation of a new roof an important consideration, especially when you choose metal materials. A quick read-through of the pros and cons of the installation of a metal roof in each season below will help you to make a decision.


Snowfall during winter can make installation of metal roofing difficult for installers. Also, bear in mind that the installation of a new roof requires the removal of the old roof first. Once the old roof is removed, the internal temperature of the building can drop to a very low uncomfortable level. Roofing companies cannot install metals roofs when the temperature is below freezing because metal materials contract in cold seasons (Metal materials expand as the temperature gets warmer; this is explained by the linear expansivity of metal). As a result of this, it is advisable to avoid the installation of a metal roof during winter.


Spring just like winter is another challenging season for installation of the metal roof because of weather issues. Early spring may still experience sporadic snowfall and when the snow finally melts away, the rain starts, and thunderstorms are common occurrences at the end of spring. You don’t want to leave your house or business unprotected. Due to the rain and storms, it is difficult to work on the roof in this season so most homeowners and managers prefer to wait for a dry time for roof installation.


Summers are not full of snow, but summer is humid. Increased humidity does not prevent the installation of a metal roof, but it could affect the comfort in the interior of the building when installing a new roof. The removal of an old roof and installation of a new one can make the interior of the building sticky and hot, so work has to be done very fast. Summer generally, is a very good season to install a metal roof. Therefore, roofing companies are often very busy during this season and increased competition for roofing services can lead to an increase in the price of metal roofing installation. With this information, starting planning for your roofing needs in advance.


The weather condition in autumn is milder and very predictable. You don’t have to worry about frequent storms, snows, or high levels of humidity. The temperature during autumn usually in comfortable ranges which means that the temperature of the interior of the building will not jump to extreme highs or drop to extreme lows during metal roof installation and experience is a lot more pleasurable both the commercial roofer and occupants of the building. With this information, it is a good idea to plan well in advance to replace or install a metal roof during autumn as competition for roofing services is highest in this season.

Some of the reasons why works can take more time in slow seasons

Metal roofing projects are generally slow during winter and spring season and as such, they are classified as slow seasons. These are some of the reasons why metal installation works can take more time in slow seasons.

Bad weather can stop works for a few days:

 Snow, rain, sleet, and ice make it difficult or sometimes impossible for roofing work, especially when it is a complete roof replacement.  Most roofers often advise homeowners to wait until the weather is warm for roofing work to be done unless it is an emergency. If the roofing work had starting and rain or snow falls, the work will have to be on hold for some days and the homeowners or managers will have to bear with the current condition in the interior of the building.

Availability of necessary materials:

Due to the fact that the demand for roofing materials is very low during roofing projects, wholesalers and retailers of these materials also reduce their order for materials. This makes it difficult for small contractors to purchase roofing materials, this also leads to an increase in the price of some roofing materials.

Holidays and vacations can delay the start of works:

The roofing project is an outdoor job so it can be greatly influenced by weather conditions. Weather conditions can force contractors to change their plans during roofing projects. It is worth the thought if any holiday occurs during the duration of the project because some contractors do not work on holidays which could delay the work and some others demand higher pay for holiday work which could throw off your timeline and budget.

Wet weather requires more safety in work:

During the wet season, the risk of falling or slipping is far worse, ice and snow make the roofs very slippery. During these periods, the safety of workers is the priority of any roofing company. Therefore, some roofing companies decline or suspend roofing projects during wet seasons.

Having previously agreed to start work with the company will help to avoid unwanted delays

Having read through, you should be able to decide on the best season to plan your metal roofing project. The next step is to contact an expert commercial roofing company and know the terms and conditions of the contract. Once you find the best commercial roofing company for the job, call and make sure you can get on their schedule. Book for roofing services ahead of the best seasons for roofing construction services to avoid unwanted delays and increased prices due to competition.

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