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Average Metal Roof Cost – Replacement and New Installation

With the growing popularity of metal roofing systems, you may be wondering how much the average cost of metal roof is. Whether you are building a new home or looking to change your existing roof, this guide will help you choose the right metal roofing system.

The average metal roofing prices are $ 6.50 – $ 16.00 per square foot. The determining factor in metal roof cost is the type of material and system used. Also, the price may increase due to the installation of additional elements, such as snow guards, skylights, sun tunnels.


Exposed Fastener

Exposed Fastener Metal Roof

$13,000 – $17,000

Concealed Fastener

Concealed Fastener Metal Roof

$16,000 – $21,000

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roof

$20,000 – $32,000

In addition to the selected roofing material, the metal roof cost depends on the company that will install the roof. Professional workers with vast experience will cost you significantly more. But they guarantee the high quality of the installed roof and a long warranty period for the work performed.

How Much is a Metal Roof with an Exposed Fastener?

Exposed fastener roof panels are among the most common types of metal roof coverings. Their main feature, unlike other types, is that they have exposed fasteners. This increases the speed of installation, which will undoubtedly affect the metal roofing price. Also, such panels can be used to cover not only roofs but also walls.

Metal TypeCost / sqftAverage Metal Roof CostWarranty
Galvanized Steel$6.50 – $8.50$13,000 – $17,00030 – 50 years
Aluminum$8 – $10$16,000 – $20,00050 years

The exposed fastener metal roofing system is becoming the most popular choice for the homeowner. This system offers many different colours and style options. It is designed to be installed over wood strapping which in most cases can go over existing shingles.

In the case where shingles are in poor conditions or have multiple layers – they will need to be removed. Another advantage of this system is that the installation of wooden strapping allows to square up the appearance of a sagging roof (if such area exists on your roof) and provides good air ventilation underneath the metal roof.

This prevents moisture and condensation build-up. Most metal panels come with Polyester based paint (coating). However, Monarchy Roofing company may offer a product with a more superior quality paint such as PVDF coating (go by the trade names Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000) or Polyurethane coating (go by trade name GreenCoat Pural).

Upgrading to a higher quality coating will significantly increase the lifespan and cosmetic look of the metal roofing system. All these factors greatly influence the metal roofing price.

Concealed Fastener Metal Roofing Prices

Concealed fastener metal roof cladding is an excellent solution for private and commercial buildings. The average cost of metal roof with concealed fastener panels will be slightly higher than exposed fastener roof panels.

Metal TypeCost / sqftAverage Metal Roof CostWarranty
Galvanized Steel$8 – $10.50$16,000 – $21,00030 – 50 years
Aluminum$10 – $12$20,000 – $24,00050 years

Concealed fastener metal roofing system is designed to be installed directly to the roof deck and does not require wooden strapping. They interlock on 4 sides, which allows for screws and nails to be hidden. In addition to giving the metal roof an aesthetic appearance, it also affects the protection of the anchorages.

The places where the metal roof sheets are connected are the most susceptible to damage. Since the fasteners are hidden, this allows them to remain intact for a longer period. Because of this design feature, concealed fastener metal roofing prices are slightly higher compared to exposed fastener systems.

Concealed fastener metal roofing systems are available in a huge range of colors and designs. They perfectly imitate flat shingle look, slate look, and cedar look, as well as others. This variety allows you to choose a metal roof material that will make your home stand out from its neighbors.

Most product comes with PVDF coating. Re-roofing over asphalt shingles is not recommended as any impressions transferred to the surface may be visible.

Average Cost of Metal Roof with Standing Seam Sheets

If durability and quality are the main criteria in choosing the type of covering for your metal roof, then standing seam sheets are the best choice. The uniqueness of the installation of such a roof significantly increases its service life. A well-installed standing seam metal roof will last over 50 years.

Since the installation of such a roof is a complex process, the average cost of metal roof is higher. You can see the details in the table below.

Metal TypeCost / sqftAverage Metal Roof CostWarranty
Galvanized Steel$12 – $16$24,000 – $32,00030 – 50 years
Aluminum$15 – $20$30,000 – $40,00050 years
Copper$28 – $35$56,000 – $70,000Up to 100 years
Zinc$30 – $40$60,000 – $80,000Up to 100 years

Standing Seam metal roofing system is considered a higher quality system that is commonly used on architectural and commercial buildings. Due to its clean and sleek appearance, it became a popular choice for modern and luxury custom build homes.

This system uses long continuous panels that are connected by raised seams without any exposed fasteners either by snap-lock or mechanical lock. A mechanical lock system provides greater strength, higher wind resistance and is recommended for low slope roofs as it has a better watertight capability.

However, this style can be more labor-intensive to install and more expensive. The product is available in a variety of metal types and colours to satisfy every homeowner.

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Cost of Metal Roof Installation vs Materials

Installing a metal roof is a complex process which requires special skills and equipment. Depending on the chosen coating and the complexity of the project, the cost of installation work can be 30% – 50% of the total cost of installing the roof.

Type of Metal RoofCost of InstallationGalvanized Steel MaterialAluminum Material
Tile sheet$3 - $5 per sq ft$4 – $6 per sq ft$7 - $9 per sq ft
Standing seam$5 - $7 per sq ft$5 - $7 per sq ft$10 - $14 per sq ft
Profiled sheet$2.50 – $4 per sq ft$3.5 - $5 per sq ft$6 – $7.50 per sq ft

Monarchy Roofing provides high-quality installation of metal roofs and offers its clients highest quality materials that are available on the market.

Monarchy Roofing is the official distributor of RUUKKI products in Canada which only uses premium quality steel manufactured by SSAB in Finland.

The quality of the metal roofing systems is guaranteed by high European standards and are ISO certified. Which is why the metal roofs installed by Monarchy Roofing have a long service life.

Factors that Affect Metal Roof Cost

Many factors can affect metal roof cost per square foot. You should consider these aspects so that the price of a metal roof does not shock you. These factors include:

1. Substrate/ Metal Type

2. Panel Design

3. Coating / Paint for Metal Roofing

4. Metal Roof Design

5. Removal of Existing Roof

6. Additional Elements

Let’s take a closer look at each of the listed six factors for a better understanding of the question of how much can a metal roof cost.

The average cost of metal roof panel will greatly depend on the type of metal it is made of. Metals such as copper and zinc will offer the best performance and the longest lifespan. Most the metal roof cost per square foot is much higher for these materials and they are not as popular as steel and aluminum.

Aluminum and steel are the most common metals used in metal roofs. The main criteria for their popularity were the ratio of price and quality. However, each of these two types of metal has its characteristics.

Most metal roofing products are made from steel which is heavier and sturdier than aluminum. Steel has high strength and resistance to damage and deformation. This is very convenient in regions with strong winds and abundant snow.

Aluminum is a lightweight and relatively soft metal which makes it more prone to denting and damage in comparison to steel. Most aluminum has a higher resistance to corrosion than steel and may be a preferred choice in coastal areas.

The price of the metal roofing panel changes with its design. Interlocking panels have more structural detail which increases the metal roofing price of manufacturing in comparison to overlapping panels.

Also, different systems can be more time-consuming to install. For example, installation of a mechanical standing seam metal roofing system is more time-consuming and requires a greater skill level to install in comparison to an exposed fastener panel system.

Roof painting is done not only to give the desired colour. It is also a protective coating that is often forgotten and does not get enough attention. The coating on the metal roof is the first line of defense against elements and will determine the lifespan and cosmetic look of the metal roofing system.

Different types of paint/coatings will have different resistance against corrosion and fading. Most products on the market will have a more economical Polyester based paint/coating. However, some companies may offer a product with a higher quality paint such as PVDF or Polyurethane coating.

An important role in determining the cost of the metal roof will be played by the complexity of its installation. Installation speed can be affected by the design of the metal roof. Due to these features, the installation time can be significantly longer, which means the price will rise.

High Slope/Pitch when mounting a metal roof, the roof pitch is an important consideration. First of all, it affects what type of roof it is recommended to install, but it can also be difficult to perform this process.

If the slope of the roof is very steep, then additional equipment and preparatory work may be required for its installation. Depending on the complexity of the installation, the process may take several days longer, which will increase the cost of the metal roof.

Dormers are a popular design solution for many homes. However, when it comes to installing a metal roof, then having dormers increases your roof area. In addition, apart from the fact that you will need more material, installing metal roofs with dormers is a more complicated process that affects the price.

Skylights also create additional difficulties in installing a metal roof. Additional measurements and proper installation of the covering material will be required to ensure the roof tightness around the skylights. This work is not difficult for the professionals working at Monarchy Roofing, however, it will take more time and the cost of installing a metal roof will be slightly more expensive.

Roofs with multiple hips, ridges, and valleys are very common in modern homes. When it comes to installing a metal roof, valley and hips can make the process much more difficult. Thereby affecting how much is a metal roof would cost.

If the installation of a metal roof is not for a new home, there could be a case when it is necessary to remove the old covering. This process is also associated with additional costs required for dismantling and disposal of the old roof.

Depending on the metal roofing system you chose, and the current condition of your existing roof, you may be required to pay for the removal and disposal of your old roof. Once you strip your old shingles, you will also need to protect your roof deck with waterproofing underlayment.

Note: As per Ontario Building Code you are not allowed to have more than two layers of roofing.

The increase in metal roof cost is also affected by the presence of additional elements. They can serve as both protective and decorative. The most common security options are snow guards, roof bridges, and leaders.

Snow guards are a system that helps trap snow on the roof. It protects the surrounding area from the fall of massive layers of snow and ice. The cost of such protective elements varies depending on the size of the roof and their type.

Leaders and roof bridges are designed for quick and easy roof access. As with snow guards, prices vary due to the model and size of the equipment selected.

Decorative elements can also be installed on the metal roof. These usually include metal spiers, signs, and more. The cost of installing such elements is insignificant, but you will have to buy them in advance and agree with the company about the installation.

Why is Metal Roof Cost per Square Foot Higher than Shingles

Asphalt shingles is the main competitor against metal roofs Canada. The average price of a metal roof will be about twice as high in comparison to roof covered with shingles.

So why install metal roofs? Undoubtedly, the initial price of such a roof is very high, but you should understand that such a roof will serve you much longer. The average lifespan of an asphalt roof is 15 years. At the same time, a high-quality metal roof will easily serve your home for at least 50 years.

This is a significant time difference, and if the initial cost is divided by the lifespan, the metal roof cost is lower. In addition, it is worth it because the metal roof practically does not need maintenance. This will save you money and you will not have to worry about something happening to the roof.

Metal roofs have many advantages over other types of roofing. If you are interested in this topic, then you can familiarize yourself with it in this article.

Conclusion of a Metal Roofing Prices

There is no doubt that metal roofing is a great choice for a permanent roofing solution. With so many different styles and colour options, you will find the right product that will fit your requirements and budget. We offer the best Toronto metal roof cost in value for money.

If you need additional information or would like a free estimate for your next project contact us for our Toronto metal roofing specialist or visit our showroom.

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